18 2020 2020 MCHD leads Monterey County through the global COVID-19 pandemic, helping educate residents, schools and businesses about evolving health measures and promoting vaccines 2020 County animal services and City of Salinas Animal Services merge into Hitchcock Road Animal Services 2023 MCHD celebrates 100 years of better health 2018 MCHD becomes one of the first health departments in California to become accredited by the Public Health Accreditation Board The Health Department has exciting new ventures and initiatives planned in the future. See this peek at what is ahead Administration: In the very near future, the Health Department will adopt an updated Strategic Plan to guide us in furthering our Health in All Policies work. This inclusive definition of the Health Department’s purpose and goals is led by community voices to improve opportunities for all through systems and policy changes. Animal Services: Hitchcock Animal Services is exploring opportunities to expand services to residents and their furry companions throughout the County by increasing availability of spay and neuter services, incorporating radiology services in its clinic to address animals’ immediate medical needs, and increasing public education. Behavioral Health: This spring, the new Alisal Integrated Health Center will open for business on Sanborn Road to better serve the residents of Salinas and surrounding areas. Greater access to quality mental health and primary health care fulfills the Health Department’s main goal of equitable services for all. Further into the future will be the opening of our new 100-bed Mental Health Rehabilitation Center. Clinic Services: Planning is underway to construct a new health center in Marina, replacing our existing small and mighty clinic. In addition to primary healthcare services, our new clinic will provide dental services for children and adults. Emergency Medical Services: An important effort in pre-hospital emergency care will soon be launched with a request for proposals for a new Ambulance Services contract. Environmental Health: Planning is underway to establish new Healthy Housing Services, to establish a pro-active housing inspection program, incorporating not only healthy housing principles but also health equity to ensure more positive health outcomes for all. Public Guardian: The office will continue its dedication to support the health and wellbeing of our residents who are not able to care for themselves due a mental illness, substance use, or dementia. Public Health: The Bureau will expand its program efforts by providing additional supports to help seniors age gracefully in their own homes, as long as safely possible. Improvements in our quality life depend on our use of science and best practices, and just as importantly, on involving residents in the planning, design, and delivery of services and programs. What will remain constant is the Health Department’s mission to protect and improve the health and wellness of all residents and safeguard the environment. As seen through COVID, wildfires, and floods, the Health Department will pivot as needed to address emerging public health issues. Together, we can make Monterey County a stronger, healthier, and happier place to live. Looking to THE FUTURE