17 The County of Monterey Department of Health operates a unique bureau offering protection and advocacy for the most vulnerable adults in our communities. The County of Monterey, Public Administrator, Public Guardian, Public Conservator Department (Monterey PA/ PG/PC) reaches across its network to meet the everyday needs of adult clients who cannot provide their own food, shelter, or clothing. Unlike similar bureaus in other counties, the Monterey PA/PG/PC serves its clients across all three roles: public administrator, for residents who died without a will or someone to complete administrative tasks after death; public guardian, where a conservator helps manage personal and financial needs; and public conservator, which provides additional mental health care services for its clients. “By serving in all three roles as the PA/PG/ PC with legal authority it allows our department to cross-over between each authority. For example, we may have an individual under a mental health conservatorship, but also needing estate protection,” said Sarah Solano, Chief Deputy of Monterey PA/PG/PC. A team of 17 employees and one assigned county legal counsel provide a wide span of services to meet the evolving needs of disabled, frail, or other adults who need care but have nowhere to turn. In Monterey County there is a due process ensured for every client at every appointment and clients are assigned a court-appointed attorney. Clients have a right to a hearing or trial at any time and the client may challenge any decisions made by Monterey PA/PG/PC. Layers of legal and ethical standards safeguard the rights of every client, Solano said. This diverse set of responsibilities means Monterey PA/PG/PC achieves daily milestones, said Solano. In the recent past, the bureau assisted at-risk adults by retrieving thousands of dollars in benefits owed, saved client homes from foreclosure, prevented homelessness for individuals with a mental health diagnosis, and located unknown or missing family members. “Our continued work has assisted clients to reintegrate back into the community with family and friends,” said Solano. Monterey Public PA/PG/PC (Public Guardian) Our continued work has assisted clients to reintegrate back into the community with family and friends. –Sarah Solano, Chief Deputy of Monterey PA/PG/PC 2012 Victims of STEMI, a type of heart attack, receive specialized care through a collaboration between paramedic service providers, CHOMP, and Salinas Valley Healthcare 2015 Natividad Medical Center in Salinas is designated as a Level II trauma center 2017 MCHD is awarded the Arnold X. Perkins Award for Outstanding Equity Practices