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MAMMOGRAMS • ULTRASOUND • BONE DENSITY SCANS The place you know, and knows you. We are here to provide you the 1 on 1 care you deserve Regardless of age, the recommendation by the American College of Radiology and the American Cancer Society remains the same. Annual screening mammography is the best way to manage breast cancer prevention and detection. We offer accommodation for any patients who prefer to be seated for their mammogram or have limited mobility* *Please inform our office staff at the time of scheduling so we can offer you the correct appointment time length. We accept all orders, including referrals to other centers. 798 Cass St #120, Monterey Ask your doctor to refer you to THE MAMMOGRAPHY CENTER OF MONTEREY Most insurance accepted. Appts. available within a week. Trusted by women for over 30 years. Visit or call us (831) 373-8932