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Every morning on Cannery Row is another opportunity to wake up in a world of wonder. Each afternoon, another chance to wander through history, into new shops, along the coast. And every evening holds the potential to become a night that will stay with you forever. The question at the end of each day is, of course: what will tomorrow bring? forever moments. found daily.

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Class series Registration required. Scan the QR code or visit Building mental fitness Ohana believes that mental illness is always treatable, can often be prevented, and that mental fitness can be developed and sustained. Ohana is committed to putting prevention into practice and provides a series of in-person and online classes to promote optimal mental health. These FREE classes include: y Family nutrition and mental health y Physical activity and mental health y Resilience y Mental fitness during pregnancy and postpartum y Youth drug and alcohol prevention y And more For more information: Ohana Community Engagement Workshop Coordinator

Maybe I’m victim of a faltering memory. Summer camp of yore, as I recall, was more along the lines of cabins, the outdoors, mosquitoes—actual camping. Occasionally one might find a week-long session on the fundamentals of golf or baseball, but we were involved in both all summer anyway. A glance at the summer activities in Monterey County reveals how far we’ve progressed. In this guide, parents and children can scan a list of programs that vary from mixed media art to scuba diving to adventures in nature and much more. The stories included provide a snapshot of what to expect from organized activities. In the distant past, it was often said—probably with a bit of truth behind it—that summer camp was merely a way to give parents some peace for a few weeks. But as we learned, the decision on which programs to enter is much more involved and beneficial. Robotics instruction, for example, extends a young person’s ability to work as a member of a group to solve problems. Such camps also prepare students for a future that is certain to be more automated. Meanwhile, cooking classes are not only practical and informative, they also inspire confidence as children learn what they can accomplish. But summer can provide a pause to focus on wellness. While society has made advances, the pressures on young people make mental fitness as important for a sound life as physical fitness. And there is always a place for fun under the sun as students develop skills in sailing or soccer. There is a lot to do, and we hope this guide proves useful. Given all the instruction and activity available for young people in Monterey County now, it’s impossible to take a nostalgic “in my day…” turn. Modern families definitely have it better. -Dave Faries BRENT ALMARIO CONTENTS In the Kitchen 10 Mind Matters 16 Robot Challenge 22 Setting Sail 26 Get Your Kicks 32 Summer Camp Listings 36 Founder & CEO Bradley Zeve Publisher Erik Cushman Editor Sara Rubin Project Editor Dave Faries Art Director/Production Manager Karen Loutzenheiser Contributing Writers and Copy Editors Erik Chalhoub, Caitlin Fillmore, Celia Jiménez, David Schmalz Graphic Designers Alexis Estrada, Lani Headley, Kevin Jewell Advertising Keith Bruecker, Diane Glim, George Kassal Business Development Director Keely Richter Cover Photo Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club summer sailing by Michael Fiala The Best of Monterey Bay® is published by Milestone Communications, Inc., a California corporation. The entire contents are copyright 2024. No portion may be reproduced. 831-394-5656. 8 The Best of Monterey Bay ® family 2024-2025 SIGN UP TODAY: DAILY NEWS FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS Arts Culture Food News and More DELIVERED TO YOUR INBOX DAILY MCNOW_1-3v_fam24_kpr.indd 1 3/20/24 2:56 PM

10 The Best of Monterey Bay® Family 2024-2025 Test Kitchen Even the youngest children gain confidence by learning how to fix their own food. By Celia Jiménez T opped by chef hats and draped in colorful aprons, young children at the Soledad Community Center gear up before they start preparing dinner. For the past two years, the City of Soledad has offered a cooking class for kids ages 3-5. Known as Tiny Chefs, the program helps parents and children bond over food, gives youngsters an opportunity to express themselves creatively and helps them learn about nutrition. Lessons from the kitchen can go even further when it comes to child development. “Cooking encourages children’s critical thinking, creates a sense of responsibility, develops creativity and independence,” says Priscilia Rodriguez, a recreation coordinator with the city. An instructor oversees the process, as kids prepare favorite dishes—pita pockets, lasagna, salad or a cinnamon cake. Then comes the best part. They dig in. Brenda Arreola enrolled her youngest, Tatyana, in the Tiny Chefs class. Her daughter is always watching closely when Arreola cooks at home. “I thought it was a great program Above: Budding chefs show off their handiwork at Soledad’s Tiny Chefs, a program for children 3-5 years old. Below: A Tiny Chefs participant happily rolls out dough during one of the classes, meant to encourage creativity and a sense of responsibility. courtesy brenda arreola courtesy brenda arreola

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for my 3-year-old—she was really engaged the whole time,” Arreola explains, noting that Tatyana has grown more confident in the kitchen. “I think it’s given her a little too much confidence to think she’s a legitimate chef to be doing her own cooking and her own meals,” Arreola adds with a smile. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County holds cooking classes for middle and high school students in Salinas and Seaside, a program that started at the request of teens who would find themselves at home alone but lacking kitchen skills. During the pandemic, when there was limited indoor activity, BGCMC started offering online cooking classes. Nikki Daly Guichet, an online cooking instructor for BGCMC, says the classes are very popular and they now have a playlist on YouTube. The club relies on a team of instructors, both local and remote. “Ms. Heidi” is an online instructor from Boys & Girls Clubs DC. The club has also returned to in-person courses. Chantel Davis, a cooking instructor for BGCMC, leads the program in Seaside. Her classes have 25 to 30 students and they work together in small groups of five. Davis says desserts are the most popular recipes among students—not surprisingly—but that she makes sure students learn more substantial and healthy recipes, including salads, main courses and appetizers. Some lessons are surprisingly basic. Davis points out that both children and teens struggle using measuring cups. And they may inadvertently reach for the wrong ingredient. “The big thing with the boys is knowing the difference between salt and sugar,” Davis says with a chuckle. When a recipe calls for both, and the salt and sugar are in unmarked measuring cups, it can be confusing. “They always mix those two up.” Besides honing their measuring skills and ingredient identification abilities, at the BGCMC, students learn kitchen fundamentals such as the proper way to hold and use a knife, as well as food safety guidelines on cross contamination, the science of nutrition and more. Davis says before teens join the cooking portion of the class, they have to demonstrate they know basic food safety rules. In addition, though the Positive Sprouts Program, BGCMC has a garden where students learn how to grow vegetables. In the past, they’ve planted everything from a simple vegetable Top: After a day of cooking during Tiny Chefs, children are proud of their spaghetti and meatballs entrees. Bottom: The Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County hosts cooking classes for teenagers, both online and in person. COURTESY BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB COURTESY BRENDA ARREOLA 12 THE BEST OF MONTEREY BAY ® FAMILY 2024-2025 43 Fisherman’s Wharf Monterey 831-288-6218 HOMEMADE ICE CREAM, SHAKES & SUNDAES MTYBayCreamery_1-3v_ED22_gk.indd 1 3/21/24 9:58 AM

WWW.MONTEREYCOUNTYWEEKLY.COM 13 Cooking Camps • $425 Join us for MEarth’s next master chef class! Kids will learn how to chop, cook, and bake using fresh produce from the garden. Green Teens Camp • $425 Campers will be immersed in a unique fusion of culinary and natural science activities! Camp includes snacks! MEARTH IS AN INDEPENDENT 501(C) (3) CORPORATION SEPARATE FROM CARMEL UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT. EIN 26-2973625 CARAMEL UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT NEITHER ENDORSES NOR SPONSORS THE ORGANIZATION OR ACTIVITY REPRESENTED IN THIS FORM EcoExplorer Camp • $425 Campers will discover and connect with the plants and animals that call MEarth home. Camp includes fresh and healthy snacks. Register Today! Mearth_FG24_dg.indd 1 3/21/24 10:46 AM OUR FAMILY EDUCATION PROGRAMS FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL (831) 754-3888 | WWW.PARTNERS4PEACE.ORG Building Strong Families Strengthening Families The Parent Project Loving Solutions Step Up Mentoring Scan me! Family Acceptance Project®

garden to a pizza garden, with every herb and vegetable needed for a pizza. For in-person classes, students are provided all the necessary ingredients. Online classes take place every week and children receive a list of ingredients they will need for the recipe. (Online participants must also show proof of parental permission to cook at home and have the support of an adult during the cooking class.) “We have our own playlist of cooking videos and blog posts, and some of our families send us photos of the kids that have completed recipes,” Daly Guichet says. Davis and Daly Guichet like to showcase different cultures through recipes. During Black History Month, for example, they fixed rural Southern staples. There are tricks to getting fried chicken, cornbread, kale or collard greens just right. “It teaches them a skill. It’s really fun for us and we know that we’ll be preparing the kids their life outside the club,” Daly Guichet says. Classes at BGCMC campuses are free. For online classes, participants must buy their ingredients. Tiny Chef classes are $40 per child and they meet once a week on Tuesdays for four weeks at Soledad Community Center, 560 Walker Drive, Soledad. To learn about upcoming classes, call 223-5250. Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County offers many programs, with annual membership $100 (or a teen membership for $10 annually). The clubs are located at 1332 La Salle Ave., Seaside, 394-5171 or at 85 Maryal Drive, Salinas, 757-4412. Find out more at 14 THE BEST OF MONTEREY BAY ® FAMILY 2024-2025 Book now at Lighthouse 599 Lighthouse Avenue, Monterey Cannery Row 700 Cannery Row, Ste DD Wave Street 765 Wave Street, Suite A2, Monterey VIRTUAL REALITY ARCADE LOUNGE ESCAPE ROOMS SKEE BALL HOOPS 685 Cannery Row, 3rd Floor, Monterey 831.241.6616 ■ OSCARSPLAYGROUND.COM Looking for Fun for the Whole Family? Cannery Row 685 Cannery Row, 3rd Floor EscapeRoom_2-3v_fam24_gk.indd 1 3/20/24 2:27 PM

WWW.MONTEREYCOUNTYWEEKLY.COM 15 It takes a village to raise a child in a safe and stable home. Resource and Respite Families play an important role in the reunification process between Monterey County’s foster youth and their families. Individuals, couples and families can make a difference. (831) 755-4475 FCSMC.ORG Open your Heart and Home IT TAKES A VILLAGE FamilyToFamily_1-2h_FG24_GK.indd 1 3/20/24 2:47 PM Summer Day Camp 2500 Garden Road, Monterey | $75 though April 30. All kids Must be potty-trained. 3 Years Old Through 5th Grade | $100 Scan to Register Or Visit JULY 15-19 | 9-11:30 AM

16 The Best of Monterey Bay® Family 2024-2025 State of Mind Mental fitness is becoming an increasingly important part of wellness, especially for young people. By Caitlin Fillmore S tretch your body when you wake. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Make time for family dinner. While daily movement and a healthy diet are oftrepeated bits of wellness advice, local experts urge an adoption of “mental fitness” as a simpler way to consider the equally essential everyday activities that boost mental and emotional well-being for youth and adults. While not necessarily a new concept, mental fitness supplements the traditional health education students have received in classrooms and doctors’ offices for generations, says Molly Hansen, a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) working in the Community Health and Prevention Program at the Ohana Center for Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health, part of the Montage Health system. “We’ve found using the term ‘mental fitness’ helpful because it’s easier to understand in the same way we understand “physical fitness,’” she adds. “It’s not about being positive and happy all the time. Rather, through understanding we can gain strength and perspective to face life’s adversities and embrace the joy and wonder that life can offer as well.” Data shows that as many as 1 in 4 children and teenagers will deal with a psychiatric illness. The good news, however, is that most of these illnesses are not just treatable, but preventable. The focus on prevention, instead of treatment, makes mental fitness a fresh approach that is resonating with families. “Mental fitness offers a prevention approach to mental health, which is Montage’s Ohana Center for Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health opened in Monterey on Dec. 15, 2023 and served 109 young patients on day one. Most patients receive care on an outpatient basis, but the center also has 16 residential beds. Daniel Dreifuss

REGISTRATION SUMMER NOW OPEN! (831) 646-3730 301 E Franklin St., Monterey MONTEREY SPORTS CENTER SWIM LESSONS SPORTS CAMP COUNSELOR IN TRAINING ENROLL TODAY! Sign up today for Summer Swim Lessons, Sports Camp & Counselor In Training! Space is limited. MORE INFO & SIGN UP AT MONTEREYSPORTSCENTER.ORG

new,” Hansen explains. “Traditionally, mental health is treatment-focused. However, mental fitness focuses on preventing mental illness through daily healthy habits to become stronger and more resilient.” These daily healthy habits can include spending time in nature, connecting with others, expressing yourself and practicing self-compassion alongside well-worn advice like getting quality sleep and eating a balanced diet. This perspective shift comes as youth are suffering from the enduring social-emotional impact of the pandemic and are increasingly leaning on unhealthy coping skills like screen time. Simultaneously, today’s youth are practicing more tools to express their needs, Hansen says. “Our children and teens have been faced with unique challenges and we have noticed an increase in our youth experiencing feelings of loneliness and connecting less in-person with their peers and loved ones,” she points out. “We have, however, seen a reduction in stigma around mental health by noticing our youth—especially our teens— advocating for themselves and openly expressing their opinions, thoughts and feelings. It’s powerful to witness.” The Ohana Center has adopted the idea of mental fitness across its programs, including presentations in local schools and classes, workshops and support groups offered on the Ohana campus and virtually. Families receiving individualized care at Ohana complete a Family Mental Fitness Questionnaire during the initial evaluation process and then adopt a healthy habit to practice at home as part of a Mental Fitness Prescription, says Brian Boles, LMFT and associate professional clinical counselor. Boles works as a prevention therapist on the Community Health and Prevention Program at Ohana. He emphasizes that it’s not just the child, but an entire family that is part of learning and practicing mental fitness. “We recommend families begin strengthening their mental fitness by 18 The Best of Monterey Bay ® family 2024-2025 KUUMBWA JAZZ CAMP JUNE 10-21 GRADES 8-12 SUMMER YOUTH PROGRAM CABRILLO COLLEGE’S IN PARTNERSHIP WITH EXTENSION.CABRILLO.EDU/YOUTH INFO & REGISTRATION: Kuumbwa_1-3s_FG24_kb.indd 1 3/15/24 12:19 PM FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS Consultation, Testing and Individual Sessions for remediation of learning problems and learning disabilities. “I am so impressed with your services and the work you do. One of the members on the IEP list has credited you with saving her grandson’s educational life.” “...very professional and dedicated. I can say that Dr. Rita Rispoli is not only a specialist who loves working with students, but that she was born to her profession.” “We would like to thank you for your support. S__ was very happy to see his good report card and I, for the first time, realized how hard he has been trying to achieve what he wanted. We owe you tremendously. Again, thank you for your dedication to students like our son. We appreciate your sincerity and kindness.” Rita Rispoli Ph.D., BCET | (831)375-9450 1011 Cass Street, Suite 116, Monterey | Difficulty learning?


focusing time and attention on one healthy habit at a time and build from there,” he says. “Collaborating as a family helps to recognize what’s not working and take notice of what’s going well. Over time, you will see positive change and strengthened relationships.” Boles encourages families to stand alongside their students when practicing mental fitness, leading by example and embracing setbacks. The concept is to develop tools from a young age that can then be applied throughout a lifetime—as people inevitably face hardship, they learn when and how to seek help, whether from family and friends, or from a mental health professional. That can start with adults themselves modeling mental fitness and not just offering support to children or teens, but acknowledging when they themselves are going through a tough time and getting the help they need. “As parents, we can walk the talk so our children grow up with this foundation of mental wellness that they can carry with them throughout their childhood and beyond,” Boles observes. Hansen also emphasizes the selfcompassion mental fitness preaches, telling families to focus on doing their best instead of getting it “right.” “As parents, we can encourage our children to embrace and befriend failure and try to view it as an opportunity to learn,” Hansen says. “We can help foster resilience by putting more focus on progress and less on ‘perfection’ to allow ourselves, and our children, the space and permission to fail, make mistakes and grow.” Ohana Center for Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health is located at 6 Lower Ragsdale Drive, Monterey. 624-6201, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. 988 or (800) 273-8255. Monterey County Mobile Response Team. 687-4379. 20 THE BEST OF MONTEREY BAY ® FAMILY 2024-2025 or 831-372-6098 Lyceum Summer Camps June 10 - July 26, 2019 June 10 – August 2, 2024 Scientific Illustration Camp Collage Art Camp Robotics Camp Science & Engineering Camp Mixed Media Art Camp Digital Photography Camp lyceum_1-3s_FG24_gk.indd 1 3/20/24 3:36 PM MONTEREY PENINSULA YACHT CLUB • Learn to Sail Opti Ages 8-11 & Learn to Sail Tera Ages 11-14 • Intermediate & Advanced Afternoons Sailing Ages 14-17 For session dates and registration information visit and click on the “Juniors” tab. Scholarships available. Children ages 8-17 8 sessions starting June 10th c (831) 372-9686 Wharf II, Monterey MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY, 9:00AM-12:00PM & 1:30PM-4:30PM c MPYC_1-3s_FG24_gk.indd 1 3/15/24 2:46 PM

WWW.MONTEREYCOUNTYWEEKLY.COM 21 Monterey County Free Libraries Summer Reading Club June 12 - July 27 READ, Renew, Repeat! FUN for the whole family! FREE live performances FREE books and Prizes Support for Summer Reading Club provided through grants and donations to The Foundation for Monterey County Free Libraries Sign up at your MCFL library or online at MCFreeLibraries_1-2h_FG24_kb.indd 1 3/21/24 11:03 AM FirstTee_1-2h_FG24_EC.indd 1 3/19/24 4:48 PM

22 The Best of Monterey Bay® Family 2024-2025 Rise of the Machines Summer robotics camps test students’ skills in problem-solving and teamwork. By Erik Chalhoub After three years, the tiny rover that could continues to comb the surface of Mars, carving into rocks and projecting incredible images of an alien planet that doesn’t look all that different from ours, except maybe for the sky. While NASA’s Perseverance rover could be nearing the end of its life, the discoveries it made will be analyzed and celebrated for years to come. It had a much better landing than the Odysseus spacecraft about 34 million miles away, which spilled onto its side upon touching the moon’s surface in February, the first U.S. craft to land on the natural satellite in more than five decades. Such is the nature of robotics. Things most often don’t go to plan, but like the name of that little Mars rover, perseverance is key. That is exactly what students learn during a series of workshops offered by the Central Coast Mobile Fab Lab in Salinas. The lab is organizing a summer robotics workshop from June 11-14 for students in grades 5-8. Here, they will build robots to compete in various challenges, such as navigating mazes, picking up and moving objects, and racing against others. The goal is to increase the rigor and difficulty of these challenges, so students will have to learn engineering skills and manufacture designs using 3D printing to overcome whatCourtesy of Monterey County Office of Education Students in the summer robotics workshop offered by the Central Coast Mobile Fab Lab put together a robot that they will later use to compete in various challenges. Courtesy of Monterey County Office of Education

Chartwell School Aspires to show the world that young people with language-based learning di erences and neurodiverse learning profiles can be among the most creative, productive, and valuable members of any community. Small class sizes and individualized, targeted instruction Multi-sensory, project based learning approach Visit our website at For more information call (831)394-3468 or email College preparatory program with 100% college acceptance Schedule an individualized tour to observe classes, learn more about our learning methodology for children grades 1-12, and find out how Chartwell can transform your child’s academic and social-emotional experience. 2511 Numa Watson Rd. Seaside, CA 93955 Chartwell School

ever is in front of them, says Program Manager Sean True. In addition, students learn the back end of what makes the robots tick, getting under the hood to program the software. “We are able to provide opportunities that are more hands-on, more focused in a space that is of high interest but not necessarily that fits within a regular school day,” True says. Coming up short is not considered a failure, it’s encouraged to teach students real-life scenarios (think Odysseus lander). “Students like the opportunity to try and try again,” True says. “We’re very much about persistence and endurance.” The Central Coast Mobile Fab Lab got its start in 2019, after Chevron worked with the Fab Foundation to provide funding to bring it to Monterey County. It is operated by the Monterey County Office of Education, which works with Hartnell College and CSU Monterey Bay to develop programs. COURTESY OF MONTEREY COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUCATION Archer Community Park Building | 542 Archer Street | Monterey Email: Phone: (831) 373–4778 Register online at Early Bird Special until April 30th Discounts available for enrolling two or more family members Project may include: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Self Portrait & Mutli Media Maker’s may include: Screen Printing, Sewing, Cooking & Gardening Art show the last day of the week! AGES 7 - 12 AGES 10 - 16 (Maker ’s) AGES 7 - 12 AGES 9 - 14 (Maker ’s) AGES 7 - 12 AGES 9 - 14 (Maker ’s) Early Supervision: 8:30 - 9:30 am Late Supervision: 3:00 - 4:00 pm JUNE 12 - 16 JUNE 19 - 23 JUNE 26 - 30 JULY 10 - 14 JULY 17 - 21 JULY 24 - 28 SESSION 1 SESSION 2 SESSION 3 SESSION 4 SESSION 5 SESSION 6 2023 SUMMER SESSIONS 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM FIRST NIGHT MONTEREY For more information go to and to sign up your child! A Creative Exploration of Making SESSION 1 JUNE 10–14 AGES 7–12 SESSION 2 JUNE 17–21 AGES 10–16 (Maker’s) SESSION 3 JUNE 24–28 AGES 7–12 SESSION 4 JULY 8–12 AGES 9–14 (Maker’s) SESSION 5 JULY 15–19 AGES 7–12 SESSION 6 JULY 22–26 AGES 9+ (Maker’s) Project may include: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Self Portrait & Multi-Media Maker’s may include: Screen Printing, Sewing, Cooking & Gardening Art show the last day of the week! Register online at www. Email: Archer Community Park Building | 542 Archer Street |Monterey 2024 SUMMER SESSIONS 9:30 AM – 3 PM Early Supervision: 8:30–9:30 am Late Supervision: 3–4 pm Discounts available for enrolling two or more family members Early Bird Special until April 15th FirstNight_1-3s_FG24_ec.indd 1 3/21/24 2:20 PM 24 THE BEST OF MONTEREY BAY ® FAMILY 2024-2025 BookWorks Books+Coffee 667 Lighthouse Ave Pacific Grove, CA Thanks for Voting Us Best Book Shop 2022! BookWorks Books+Coffee 667 Lighthouse Ave Pacific Grove, CA Thanks for Voting Us Best Book Shop 2022! Thanks for Voting Us Best Book Shop! Books+Coffee 667 Lighthouse Ave Pacific Grove

In addition to the robotics workshops, the Mobile Fab Lab offers programs in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) subjects, using digital fabrication tools that allow students to produce shadow puppet films and create board games. “They’re excited to be able to work in this space. It’s a stimulating space for them to be in,” True says. “Our workshops are really designed to support industry pathways toward robotics.” Robotics can seemingly be applied to any and all conditions, on our planet or others. They are especially critical for under-the-sea exploration. Oceans and Robotics offers the Seafloor Science ROV Day Camp in Monterey during the summer, giving students in grades 3-9 an opportunity to explore the ocean and learn about the science and technology tools that make it happen. Meant to mimic a research ship mission, students take part in activities that focus on robotics, sensor technology, programming and more. What makes an ROV float? Why is plankton important to habitats? Students will learn the answer to these questions and others that sea researchers deal with every day. The camp started in 2013 by Geoff Wheat, a professor at the University of Alaska and scientist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in Moss Landing, as well as a team of teachers and scientists. Space is limited in the summer robotics workshops, giving students a hands-on experience. Seafloor Science ROV Day Camp registration information can be found at For information and to sign up for Central Coast Mobile Fab Lab, visit WWW.MONTEREYCOUNTYWEEKLY.COM 25 425 Washington Street Located in Downtown Monterey, CA the Best Children’s Museum on the Central Coast Come and enjoy the fun! DISCOVER... EXPLORE... PLAY... 831.649.6444 MyMuseum_1-3s_FG23_EC.indd 1 4/13/23 9:48 AM we are growing and expanding to support more children and families. nurturing bonds expanding our reach five programs Events | workshops | Resources (831) 625-5160 HarmonyAtHome_1-3s_FG24_KB.indd 1 3/20/24 2:57 PM

26 The Best of Monterey Bay® Family 2024-2025 Inherit the Wind Summer sailing camps provide practical tools for use on the water, and more. By Caitlin Fillmore I n a sea of summer camp options, the learn-to-sail offerings on Monterey Bay promise memorable experiences and lifelong skill-building for young adventurers. Sailing, while often seen as an exclusive sport, accommodates learners of all sizes and abilities and develops skills in unique ways, explains Bradley Schoch, youth program administrator for Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club. “Sailing builds your child quite differently than other activities,” Schoch points out. “Kids work in a community but also on their own, receiving not just positive feedback but learning to take criticism. They build resiliency and social-emotional learning, which is really important for long-term development.” Learn-to-sail programs launch in early June and operate for eight weeks, with one-week camps offering morning sailing lessons for kids ages 8 to 14. Campers can choose one week or stack multiple weeks for a progressive sailing program. “For beginners it’s really about building comfort out on the water—it can be pretty scary to leave the dock,” Schoch says. “After the first week, kids won’t fully understand sailing, but they will have the basics.” Stillwater Yacht Club in Pebble Beach works closely alongside MPYC and also offers youth sailing programs. SYC also staffs a unique youth water Students test the waters in the Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club youth sailing program. The week-long courses teach beginner to advanced sailing skills and even racing techniques. michael Fiala

WWW.MONTEREYCOUNTYWEEKLY.COM 27 We care for children from their first tooth to age 18 all children welcome most insurance accepted care credit available South Salinas 424-0641 North Salinas 443-1177 Children’s Dental Center 443-5801 Drs. Chiang, Saisho, and Associates CentralCoastDental_1-6v_fg24_kb.indd 1 3/19/24 4:49 PM 831.373.5357 MtyBayKayaks_1-2h_FG24_gk.indd 1 3/15/24 12:35 PM 2024 CO-ED (ALL GRADES) SUMMER SCHOOL PALMA SCHOOL 919 Iverson Street, Salinas June 3-July 5 Palma’s Summer School is open to all girls and boys who are entering 6th through 12th grade. 422.6391 Palma_1-3s_FG24_KB.indd 1 3/15/24 10:50 AM

sports camp in the afternoons in addition to morning learn-to-sail camps, introducing kids to a spectrum of water activities like stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking, as well as sailing. The learn-to-sail programs at MPYC and SYC teach youth how to rig the boat, trim the sails, respect for the sea and seamanship skills. After a few weeks in the program, students should understand sailing upwind—“the hardest thing for kids to learn,” according to Schoch. Kids can then progress through other programs offered at both clubs, from Opti Development class, the next stage after learning to sail, where youth experience working as a twoperson team with another beginner, up to competitive racing programs for intermediate and advanced sailors. Beginning this year, middleschoolers who wish to learn to sail will have an improved vessel to help them on the waves. A Tera Boat—a plastic, single-person vessel recently purchased by the MPYC—is designed to help individuals experience the stages of sailing. “It was hard for middle-schoolers to get into sailing because there wasn’t a good on-ramp,” Schoch explains. “[The Tera Boat] will help our organization with filling that gap for promising sailors.” Schoch, a Southern California native, believes both the placement and the people on this part of the California coast provide an ideal place for kids to learn to sail. “Monterey is really unique because we are literally in open ocean. Campers can take up room and have the bay to learn for themselves,” he says. He adds the predictable winds and lack of fishing boats to avoid are perks for local instructors of beginners. “We get to focus on the kids and put all of our attention back into instructional time,” Schoch says. The supportive and experienced sailing community also provides an important asset for local junior sailMICHAEL FIALA 28 The Best of Monterey Bay ® family 2024-2025 Elkhorn_1-3h_FG23_KB.indd 1 3/20/24 12:03 PM

WWW.MONTEREYCOUNTYWEEKLY.COM 29 Make a splash at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Kids ages 8-13 will dive into a watery world of wonder in our summer Underwater Explorers program. No diving experience or equipment is needed — just a sense of wonder! To learn more, scan the QR code or visit: MONTEREY STATE HISTORIC PARK PRESENTS 2024 SUMMER CAMP June 3-7 | July 15-19 | June 17-21 | July 22-26 LOS EXPLORADORES DE MONTEREY Located at Monterey State Historic Park in Downtown Monterey Hands on Activities Whale Watching Trip 9:00 AM-4:00 PM | Grades 3-5 WWW.MSHPA.ORG/CAMP Campers will explore the rich cultural history and natural beauty of Monterey through hands-on activities, games, crafts and day excursions all lead by California State Park Guides. For more info and sample schedule visit MtyHistParks_1-2h_FG24_gk.indd 1 3/20/24 4:48 PM

ing camps, Schoch says: “All of that support that instructors and older students can lean on is really how the community is working to build up the youth sailor as a whole person.” Sailing can take kids anywhere. Schoch is a CSU Monterey Bay graduate and former member of its sailing team, who first began plying the water in similar youth programs. He now designs educational curricula for U.S. Sailing. Registration at both SYC and MPYC junior summer sailing camps open for registration to both members and nonmembers. The fee structure may vary. Monterey Peninsula Youth Sailing Foundation raises money to support scholarships for campers. Interested scholarship applicants should contact MPYC for more information. Besides offering youth development skills, Schoch adds, sailing can become a lifelong recreational activity that opens a path to other opportunities. “Once you learn how to sail, you can go and cruise around the world or you can race in the Olympics,” he says. “It’s an accommodating activity that meets kids where they are. There’s always a path for everyone.” Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club is located at Wharf 2, Monterey. For information on the junior sailing program, call 372-9868 or visit mpyc. org/summer-sailing. Stillwater Yacht Club is located at 1576 Cypress Drive, Pebble Beach. For information on the youth summer sailing program, call 625-8520 or visit MICHAEL FIALA 30 The Best of Monterey Bay ® family 2024-2025 ISM_1-3h_FG24_kb.indd 1 3/18/24 9:42 AM

32 The Best of Monterey Bay® Family 2024-2025 Play Time Professional soccer players remind us that youth programs should start with fun and build from there. By Dave Faries Over the past several decades, youth soccer has become a staple for families across the country. Recent studies, however, suggest that while teenage participation in team sports is strong, more younger children are dropping out, not just from soccer but all organized sports. According to data cited by the U.S. Soccer Federation, participation by children 6 to 12 years old fell by almost 14 percent since 2020. Although the pandemic accounts for a portion of that figure, the consensus is that too much pressure—from parents and coaches—is taking enjoyment out of play. There’s another consensus, specific to Monterey County. There are still a lot of young soccer players active in the area, both talented and merely interested. With all of that in mind, professionals with Monterey Bay F.C. believe that parents and children should pay attention to some details when selecting a soccer camp or club. “You’re looking to have fun,” observes Pierce Gallaway, a rookie midfielder with MBFC. “You want to find a coach that inspires confidence and a love of the game.” Carmel native Gallaway and Adrian Rebollar, a veteran midfielder from Watsonville, both played in recreational programs before moving on to a developmental program in Santa Cruz—at the time the closest high level training available. Yet both emphasize the importance of enjoyment first. “You want somewhere you see that the staff cares, finding a place where the kid is welcome and the coach is teaching,” Rebollar says, noting that for the younger children, the focus should be on learning rather than winning. “It’s all about the kids.” While many parents and coaches want to be supportive, that encouragement often tilts toward aggressiveness. The professionals see benefits to approaching camps and clubs in defined stages. Programs for the youngest should concentrate on developing the basics in a non-competitive Above left: Running drills at Stevenson School’s coed soccer camp in Pebble Beach. Above right and below: The Monterey Recreation peewee and youth soccer leagues run from September through November. Duba Trujillo brent almario brent almario

and more! +991 999988888 City of Marina Recreation & Cultural Services Department Marina Recreation Office - 211 Hillcrest Avenue - Marina 93933 831 884-1253 Science Skateboard Lego Art Slime Online Registration All program registration & payment will be moving online! Create your Program Registration Opens Friday, April 5, 2024 at 8:00 am With this online system, you will be able to browse activities, register for programs, reserve parks, rent facilities, pay with a credit card, and more! Creating your account is very simple and will streamline your registration and payment process. We hope you enjoy our new online services and look forward to your participation with Marina Recreation & Cultural Services Department! Scan the QR Code for Instructions and much more! Open for kids entering 1st - 6th grade account today!

34 The Best of Monterey Bay® Family 2024-2025 setting. Participation should be fun and open to all skill levels. Neil Diaz, MBFC’s Club Development Officer, recommends that parents check out the facility and instructor, make certain the program is safe—no novice 6-year-olds going up against more experienced and physical pre-teens—and find out if there is a curriculum. For children to learn the sport there should be tasks and goals, just like in the classroom, but with an important caveat. “When my kid went in, my goal was to keep her in sports,” Diaz says. “Everything has to have an element of fun.” Of course, a sport by nature involves competition. Sooner or later winning will begin to matter to the young athlete. If a child is at the point of looking to improve and become part of a team, it’s time for parents to seek the next level of camp or club. However, there is no set age at when this occurs. “That depends on the kid,” Gallaway explains. “For me it was when I had maxed out on rec soccer. But don’t push too soon.” Rebollar agrees, noting that the desire to compete can start at any age, although the early teens is a good benchmark. “Personally, for me I wanted it earlier—a winning mentality,” he adds. “But you start introducing that competition when they want it—without taking away the love of the sport.” There is also another matter to consider. If and when the sport becomes serious for the athlete, they will eventually be placed in a regular position. Diaz believes it is important that parents in particular, but youth instructors as well, don’t glorify high-profile positions like striker or goalkeeper. Rather—for pre-teen players—adults should make it clear that all positions on the pitch are equally important, that there is no proverbial sticking the weakest player in right field. “The idea at the youth level is playing everywhere on the field so that they gravitate toward what they like,” Diaz explains. An added benefit of this approach, Diaz says, is that players learn the role of and demands on each position. By the time they have settled into a particular slot—sometime approaching high school age, according to Diaz— they will have a higher soccer IQ. And that is part of the toolkit coaches of traveling clubs, high school teams and beyond look for. “At 12-13-14, you should have the techniques,” he says. “Now it’s what motivates you. It’s still fun, but it’s competitive.” For players like Rebollar and Gallaway who have the skills to compete at the high school, college and potentially professional level, there are a number of successful traveling clubs in the area, as well as summer camps where coaches challenge players to extend their abilities. Monterey Bay F.C. has also become an important resource. Last year the team, which is part of the USL Championship series at professional soccer’s second tier, established MBFC2, a tryout squad for local amateurs age 23 and under playing a summer schedule under the tutelage of the top team’s coaching staff. In its first season, with Gallaway as captain, MBFC2 won the league title. “It’s important to have a competitive level,” Rebollar acknowledges. “There are a lot of good players.” For 2024, the Monterey Bay F.C. has added a summer Development Academy, open by invitation to area club players ages 14-18. What makes it unique is that the academy does not siphon athletes from clubs, but works alongside as a training program for select players with a goal of providing a pathway to professional soccer. “Playing at a competitive level takes a commitment,” Diaz points out. “A developmental academy is for people at a high level.” Programs like club soccer and the MBFC Development Academy are the top step for young players. This, the professionals say, is when they can be pushed to work harder and tune their skills to the extreme. But they remind parents, children and youth coaches that the first steps are for kids to embrace the enjoyment of sport. “You shouldn’t put pressure on kids,” Diaz says. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County get future soccer stars started through camps teaching fundamentals and fun. Monterey Bay F.C. midfielder Pierce Gallaway (below right), a Carmel native, is the product of local youth soccer and says such programs should “inspire a love of the game.” celia jiménez

WWW.MONTEREYCOUNTYWEEKLY.COM 35 OPEN FOR SUMMER LEARNING Sylvan Learning Salinas-Monterey Your child is unique, and our solutions are, too! Whether your child needs to catch up or get ahead, our expert, local teams are ready to help create a one-of-a-kind personalized program that will work for your child. Get support with the school year with Sylvan today! Assessment Sale $29 Offer valid at this location only. Expires 05/24/2024 Get in touch today! Sylvan of Salinas-Monterey 1465-B North Davis Road Salinas, CA 831-449-7551 SYLVANLEARNING.COM OPEN FOR SUMMER LEARNING Sylvan Learning Salinas-Monterey Your child is unique, and our solutions are, too! Whether your child needs to catch up or get ahead, our expert, local teams are ready to help create a one-of-a-kind personalized program that will work for your child. Get support with the school year with Sylvan today! Assessment Sale $29 Offer valid at this location only. Expires 05/24/2024 Get in touch today! Sylvan of Salinas-Monterey 1465-B North Davis Road Salinas, CA 831-449-7551 SYLVANLEARNING.COM OPEN FOR SUMMER LEARNING Sylvan Learning Salinas-Monterey Your child is unique, and our solutions are, too! Whether your child needs to catch up or get ahead, our expert, local teams are ready to help create a one-of-a-kind personalized program that will work for your child. Get support with the school year with Sylvan today! Assessment Sale $29 Offer valid at this location only. Expires 05/24/2024 Get in touch today! Sylvan of Salinas-Monterey 1465-B North Davis Road Salinas, CA 831-449-7551 SYLVANLEARNING.COM sylvain-learning_1-6v_FG24_kpr.indd 1 3/21/24 10:33 AM Together we learn. Together we grow. Register today! I Salinas � Castroville � Soledad � King City Hartnell_1-2h_FG24_KB.indd 1 3/1/24 11:42 AM THE MONTEREY PENINSULA’S MOST RECOMMENDED PIZZERIA ’98-’23 BEST PIZZA 3 BLOCKS UP FROM CANNERY ROW/AQUARIUM AFFORDABLE FAMILY DINING Pizza • Pasta • Ravioli • Calzones • Salads Great Italian Sandwiches Gelato • Delicious Desserts BANQUET ROOM • FULL COCKTAIL BAR OPEN MON-THUR 4PM • FRI 3PM • SAT & SUN 12PM Call ahead for take-out service 649-1500 725 Lighthouse Avenue Monterey Gianni’s Pizza Family Owned & Operated Since 1974 ’15 BEST FAMILY RESTAURANT ’17 BEST PLACE FOR A BIRTHDAY PARTY Gianni's_1-3s_FG24_dg.indd 1 3/18/24 11:54 AM

36 The Best of Monterey Bay® Family 2024-2025 Big Sur Fiddle Camp Music education is the cornerstone of this program, but the setting is one of the things that sets it apart. Over a week or camping atop a ridge on the Big Sur coast, a series of music classes, farm chores on a working ranch, yoga, hiking, and jam sessions culminate in a community concert. June 23 - June 30 Big Sur,, Camp SEA Lab Camp SEA Lab offers day camps for kids ages 8-15, each uniquely tailored to the wonders of the marine environment. Overnight camps are offered in three sessions based in the dorms at Stevenson School. For teen campers ages 13-17, learn to sail aboard the Seaward, an 82’ schooner, as part of the Voyage Seaward program. Sail for four days. Drop-off locations for day camp varies by camp. For complete listings of themes and dates, check website. Day Camps: Monday - Friday, June 10 - August 2; $595 per session Overnight Camps: June 10-14, June 24-28, July 1-5, July 8-12, July 22-26, $1,350 per person Voyage Seaward: July 1-5, July 8-12, July 15-19; $1,350 per session 521-2893, Carmel Dance Festival This year, combining sustainability practices with the world of dance is the spotlight of the Carmel Dance Festival’s summer programming. Chose one, two, or three weeks to learn dance fundamentals, sustainable farming, and to bring it all together in a cumulative performance at the end. July 8-20 & performance project July 22-28; $750 one week, $1,400 two weeks, $1,650 three weeks, scholarships available (310) 923-2766, Chartwell School At Chartwell School, students in grades one through eight can participate in the fourweek CORE program that rotates between literacy skills, math, and a STEAM / Makers program. CORE students can also opt into an individualized afternoon reading program, or enrichment programs such as theater, studio art, fitness, digital music and robotics. June 12 - July 3 from 8:30am-12:30pm; $1,800; afternoon reading and programming available at additional cost 2511 Numa Watson Road, Seaside; 3943468, Elkhorn Slough Safari Explore Elkhorn Slough, one of California’s largest wetlands and part of the National Estuarine Research Reserve system. View harbor seals, sea lions, sea otters and hundreds of bird species from the comfort of a 27-foot pontoon boat. Tours daily. $43/adult; $33/children 3-12; $40/seniors 7881 Sandholdt Road, Moss Landing. 6335555, Escape Room 831 & Oscar’s Playground Get out of a locked room by working with the whole family to solve a series of puzzles - before time’s up! With two Monterey locations, it’s easy and fun to get creative at Escape Room 831. That must be why it’s regularly voted by Weekly readers as the Best Place to Have A Birthday Party. If it’s an arcade your family is craving, head to Oscar’s Playground for classic arcade games, skee ball, hoops, more escape rooms and more opportunites for birthday parties. Escape Room 831, 765 Wave Street, Suite A2, 324-0513 and 599 Lighthouse Avenue, Monterey, 241-6616; Oscar’s Playground, 685 Cannery Row, 3rd Floor, Monterey, 241-6616, First Night Monterey Summer Art Day Camps First Night Monterey’s Summer Art Day Camps are designed to develop positive and creative thinking skills for children, using the arts to nurture creativity. Think basket weaving, print-making and now cooking and gardening. It all happens in a noncompetitive, safe, fun environment. No prior experience or talent is needed. Each Friday features a performance or gallery exhibit of the work completed during the camp week. Six sessions, all one-week long, 9:30am-3pm: June 10-14, ages 7-12; June 17-21, ages 10-16; June 24-28, ages 7-12; July 08-12, ages 10-16; July 15-19, ages 7-12; July 22-26, ages 9+ up $400/one-week session, $725/two sessions; materials included; discounts for enrolling two or more family members. Extended day supervision available 8:30am-9:30am, additional fee. Summer camps 2024