Senior Guide 2023-2

10 The Best of Monterey Bay® Living Well 2023-2024 Message From the Area Agency on Aging Dear Monterey County Residents, As the COVID 19 Public Health Emergency comes to an end, we are faced with new emergencies caused by atmospheric rivers, storms, and floods. These disaster events have the greatest negative impact on seniors, individuals with disabilities, and families with limited resources. The Area Agency on Aging (AAA), the State, local government, and community-based organizations need to continue to work together to help with disaster assistance activities and support services for these vulnerable communities. The AAA and Department of Social Services (DSS) staff have worked diligently to bring in more funding to help support these growing needs and have built strong working relationships with local and community-based agencies. This includes support and funding for an array of services such as home delivered and congregate meals, legal services, long-term care ombudsman, health insurance counseling, family caregiver support, home repairs, vaccination information, transportation assistance, access to technology, and temporary housing assistance. Additionally, the AAA and DSS staff work tirelessly to provide direct services that includes information and referral assistance, IHSS provider and recipient resources, Adult Protective Services investigations, social security benefits assistance, temporary housing assistance, and the Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) no wrong door delivery system. It is estimated that by 2030, one in four California’s will be age sixty (60) and over, and will outnumber individuals eighteen (18) years of age and younger. Building capacity, resources, and access to critical services to meet the growing needs of seniors, individuals with disabilities, caregivers, and their families will continue to be a priority for the AAA and DSS staff locally, statewide, and nationally. However, government agencies alone cannot meet the growing needs of our community. As such, I want to acknowledge the critical role of our community partners that provide much needed support services to seniors and their families. I also want to acknowledge the local AAA Advisory Council members who contribute their time to lend their voice and advocacy on behalf of seniors. Together we can help seniors and individuals with disabilities live with dignity, optimal health, independence, and well-being wherever they choose to live. I hope that you find the new edition of the Aging and Disability Resource Guide helpful. Wishing you and your family good health, and a safe, warm place to call home filled with food, family, and friends. Diana Jimenez AAA Director & DSS Aging and Adult Services Deputy Director Dear Residents of Monterey County, The Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council is pleased to present its 2023 – 2024 Aging and Disability Resource Guide in collaboration with Monterey County Weekly. The Advisory Council provides input, guidance, and support to the Area Agency on Aging on matters important to seniors, people with disabilities, and family caregivers. We extend our appreciation to the staff of the AAA and the many professionals in the aging service network that provides caring support and comfort to many. We salute you. We also want to thank the first responders and the public who are risking their lives to help our seniors and disabled during the atmospheric river storms we have been experiencing lately. Your kindness and generosity to our seniors, disabled, and the public have not gone unnoticed. Times like these are when Monterey County residents pull together to help each other, and that is what makes our County a wonderful place to live, work and enjoy our beautiful scenic views. Richard Kuehn, Advisory Council Chair Monterey County wishes to thank the following members for their continued participation on and commitment to the Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council: Richard Kuehn, Advisory Council Chair Aimee Cuda, Advisory Council Vice Chair Kathybelle Barlow Bobbie Blakeney Jessica McKillip JoAnne Roth Jose Vazquez