Wedding Guide

The Ex The who? Oh yeah, some people are liable to invite exes to their wedding. Maybe they’ve continued to be friends who care about each other’s well-being. No judgement. Unless it goes wrong. Then everyone will definitely judge. How to handle Don’t do it. But if you really want to, have a talk or two—you, your betrothed, and your ex—to make sure there are no issues lurking beneath the congenial surface. Let everyone else know that they’ll be there, and have an exit strategy ready. Get it? “Ex”-it strategy? Drinky McRuins Sober, they are the model of good form. Get a few drinks in them and… not so much. They get more gregarious, a sarcastic streak creeps into their comments, they get louder and more obnoxious. Next thing you know they’re knocking over drinks, yelling at the caterer, or worse. How to handle Slow down their access to alcohol and increase their intake of food. If they’re heading to full-on drunkville, cut them off. If all else fails, make sure they have a safe ride home and 86 them. The Anxiety Inducer They’ve got horror stories about weddings they’ve read about. If someone coughs, they suspect pneumonia. If anything can go wrong, they’ll discuss it. Because the Anxiety Inducer can’t contain their fears, it’s spilling over onto you. Now you’re wondering if the cake has been sitting out too long and is going to cause E. coli poisoning. How to handle Quarantine this person from your presence, and keep any conversations brief, before you hear about the time that a wedding candle caught fire to… whatever. Crazy Kids As you’re exchanging vows they exclaim, “This is boring!” They’ll horde three plates of cake at the same time. They run everywhere they go, and they stop by crashing into people. They are the ultimate disruptors. And that’s a good thing. How to handle Let yourself smile and laugh at their antics. Everyone else will too. Guests 26 THE BEST OF MONTEREY BAY ® WEDDING GUIDE 2024-2025 Gentlemen Prefer Cigars CIGARS CIGARETTES CUTTERS PIPES PIPE TOBACCO PUNCHES TORCHES OPEN 10AM–10PM 7 DAYS A WEEK 765 Lighthouse Ave., Monterey 831-645-9021 M I B Light Up Your Wedding PREMIUM CIGARS