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How to handle He may just need a little public display of respect; feed him some compliments. If that doesn’t work, sic an even older relative on him. Uncle doesn’t want that beef. Problem Couple They seem fine—laughing and joking—then some trigger sets them on a different course, of bickering and arguing. And once that train gets going, the next stop is Embarrassment Junction. How to handle Assign two people in your wedding party to monitor them. At the sign of trouble, split them up until they cool down. The Mystery You or your betrothed can identify most of the people at your wedding. But who is that mysterious person? Who are they with? They’re keeping to themselves, but maybe they’re just shy. They greet you affectionately, but no one seems to know their name. How to handle Don’t trip. But if you’re the kind who obsesses on that kind of thing, ask them a leading question: “Are you a friend of my mom’s?” That should prompt them to divulge their connection. Cranky Elder If you are lucky, you have more than a few elders at your wedding. They’re wise. They’re a blessing. But they just can’t go and go like you can. They might start to get obstinate or irate. You want to respect them, but with cane in hand, they’re slowly starting to cross a line. How to handle Maybe they’d like to sit in a quiet room with tea and a friend. Maybe they want to get home to watch their shows. Give them a hug, and give them what they want. The Controller Some people need to control their environment. When that environment is your wedding, that can be a problem. If they’re in charge of any aspect of it, their attention to detail can be valuable, but their compulsiveness can lead to stress and tempers. How to handle If you have a controller in charge of anything, make sure they have plenty of helpers (teens or adolescents are game) so they don’t bear the burden themselves. If they’re not in charge of anything, remind them of that fact and offer them a drink. MICHAEL DADULA Guests 24 The Best of Monterey Bay ® Wedding Guide 2024-2025 CasaMunras_1-3h_WG24_GK.indd 1 2/21/24 12:52 PM