Wedding Guide

22 The Best of Monterey Bay ® Wedding Guide 2024-2025 Guests Michael Dadula Most wedding guests are blessings, some are dang near liabilities, but they are all there to witness your union. It’s helpful to know what you might expect of these folks, and how to handle them if they are not living up to their best wedding guest selves. The Scene Stealer They give long, self-referential toasts. They dance like everyone’s watching. They angle for prominent placement in photos. Your wedding is your day, but the Scene Stealer sure doesn’t act like it. How to handle They may not even be aware they’re hogging the spotlight, so someone should discreetly inform them. If that’s not enough, it may take a more conspicuous public warning. Send your fixer to do it. The Fixer Usually this is someone in the wedding party, but not always. This is your go-to, your soldier, the person who will drive elderly relatives to the reception to make sure they get there, or snatch a mic from someone about to say something unworthy of the occasion. How to handle Identify your fixers and keep them close so you can whisper your instructions in their ear. Old World Uncle He’s from the Old World, be it Italy, Korea, Chad or Alabama. He’s not young enough to be down with your crew, but not so elderly to be content to quietly watch the proceedings. And he shares his opinions—loudly—like how, in the good ol’ days, women weren’t so liberated like they are now. The Gathering A guide to various types of wedding guests, and how to get the best out of them. By Walter Ryce