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Chang says dresses with detachable items—sleeves or overskirts—are popular this year. “It gives a second look,” she says. “It looks like a different dress.” A bride may walk down the aisle with one look, then remove the sleeves and overskirt after the ceremony for more of a party vibe. Or brides will shop for a second outfit altogether. “The second dress may not be as extravagant,” Chang says. “Something that is short, easier to party and dance in.” Some old traditions remain ever-popular. Chang sees a lot of brides who walk in certain they don’t want a veil; then they try one on, and change their mind. Chantilly lace is coming back, and “crepe satin is a staple that is never going to go out of trend.” A-lines are always a go-to, as are plunging necklines—but necklines are rising, with halter tops and square necklines growing in popularity. Ultimately the look depends on the venue— beach weddings or winery weddings tend toward less ornate, while cathedral weddings might be better suited to more of a gown. For bride or groom, fashion is increasingly about celebrating what makes a person feel good. A trend for all genders is perhaps a reflection of the body positivity movement—instead of baggy clothes that hide someone’s shape, a suit reveals it. Men’s fashion continues on a trajectory away from tuxedos to suits, and slimmer-fitting suits. “They want to show they have arms and thighs,” Engelman says. “The brides do, too.” As far as color, there’s not much variation, even in suits. Of course there is flair to be found in ties, boutonnieres and even socks. (On The Beach Surf Shop in Monterey reports they’ve sold their brashly colored socks to grooms, and even entire wedding parties. They carry socks with geometric shapes in neon, a pattern of shaka signs and orange birds of paradise on a black background, among others.) “Men are having more fun with fashion,” Engelman says. “They’re not just stuck in one look.” That is a trend unto itself—the idea of not being stuck in one look. The idea of matching dresses for a bridal Fashion RYAN CHARD SMITH 18 THE BEST OF MONTEREY BAY ® WEDDING GUIDE 2024-2025 201 Alvarado Street • Monterey Complimentary parking at the Portola Hotel and Spa 647-9000 • Spa on the Plaza WE CUSTOMIZE OUR PACKAGES TO FIT YOUR BRIDAL PARTY’S NEEDS WE CAN ACCOMMODATE GROUPS LARGE OR SMALL and add happiness and relaxation to your wedding experience. A PRIVATE MEETING ROOM intimate and luxurious we CuStoMize our PACkAgeS to fit your bridAl PArty’S needS we CAn ACCoMModAte grouPS lArge or SMAll A Privite Meeting rooM SPA dAy for your bACHelorette or bachelor party The Best Spa For Your Wedding Party In Monterey County ’19 Voted Best spa for skin Care SPA DAY FOR YOUR BACHELORETTE The Best Spa For Your Wedding Party In Monterey County ’23 VOTED BEST SPA FOR SKIN CARE spa-plaza_1-3v_WG24_gk.indd 1 2/21/24 1:48 PM