www.montereycountynow.com JUNE 20-26, 2024 MONTEREY COUNTY WEEKLY 33 Sand City is the Monterey Peninsula’s happening up-and-coming arts community! Come see why Travel and Leisure calls this town Quirky and instagram-worthy. Sand City’s legendary West End Festival isn’t the only reason to visit- -there’s always something worth checking out year-round. Visit our merchants, see our diverse architecture, and look at our nationally celebrated mural program. See why Sand City is quickly becoming known as the most creative town on the Peninsula! 495 Shasta Avenue, Sand City 831-920-2850 • www.classickitchens.us 465-D Olympia Ave, Sand City sweetelenas.com 831.393.2063 f P Open Mon-Sat from 8am-4pm Open Sun 8am-1pm Phone orders still available Find us at your local Farmers Market The Barnyard Tuesdays 9-1 Del Monte Shopping Center Fridays 8-12 Aptos at Cabrillo College Saturdays 8-12 Carmel on Ocean Avenue Thursdays 10-2 ’22 Best Restaurant Sand City CHerry Piies!! finally baCk in season The Summer Solstice brings the Manifesting light of the Great Spirit. Untamed Fire is hosting a Summer Solstice Celebration R Sunday, June 23rd 10am - 5pm Visit our Readers and Healers to receive spiritual and physical healing as the Sun spirals its longest dance. 490 Orange Ave, Unit D Sand City May the midsummer bring abundant blessings, prosperity, and growth into your life. JUST ANDY Service and Repairs on: VolkSwAgeNS ToYoTAS HoNDAS Satisfying Local Customers for 30 Years! 394-4212 • 465-A Olympia, Sand City (Back exit of Home Depot)