Thursday, June 20 MUSICAL DIARY People keep a diary for various purposes. For birders, they’ll write down where they spotted their “life birds,” or those they have never seen before in person. Others, like Georgy Gusev, will keep a diary as a travelogue. But his is not written in words; rather, he records his travels in music. The cellist and composer has traveled across the world, using the sounds of different cultures as an influence for his work. His solo cello program, “The Traveller’s Diary,” showcases his range of musical styles from baroque to ultra-contemporary. It has also evolved over the last 15 years based on his travels in the Far East, Africa, Europe, the Americas and elsewhere. [EC] 7-9pm Thursday, June 20. SandBox, 440 Ortiz Ave., Sand City. $40; $25/students and military. sandboxsandcity.com. Friday, June 21 STRESS TEST Close your eyes and think of the word “library.” Do images of dusty bookshelves and silent, studious readers come to mind? Start over and think again. This community library event invites the whole family to celebrate, relax and embrace the official start of summer. There are puzzles, outdoor activities (think: obstacle course), crafts, yoga demonstrations and more, all designed to promote wellness, connectivity and tools to encourage you to have a stress-free summer. The stuffy libraries of yesterday have been replaced by thriving community gathering spaces that yes, have plenty of books (and audiobooks, and DVDs, etc.) but also an invitation to have fun. Join in. [SR] 11:30am-1pm Friday, June 21. El Gabilan Library, 1400 N. Main St., Salinas. Free. 758-7916, salinaspubliclibrary.org. CHERRY SOLSTICE The Cherry Trio by the Carl Cherry Center for the Arts features Elizabeth Gaver on baroque violin, Penny Hanna on viola de gamba and Michael Peterson on harpsichord. Those string players are joined by guest David Wilson on baroque violin for more early string sound in a concert that celebrates the summer solstice with music from 17th-century France, Germany and Italy. The main piece is 22 MONTEREY COUNTY WEEKLY JUNE 20-26, 2024 www.montereycountynow.com DOROTHY STONELY Monterey artist Dorothy Stonely has fond memories of her first box of crayons. “The colors were so exciting,” she says. “My young mind reasoned that if I broke them all in half, there would be even more color. My father, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, understood perfectly. He was my first and most influential teacher of both painting and music.” Her show at Venture Gallery, A Painted Symphony, reflects both of these passions. Stonely was born in Rhode Island and at 18, moved to the California Coast, where she found the freedom to create very nontraditional art in a supportive setting. Although she chose not to pursue a formal art education, taking many classes from other working artists has infused her work with the vibrancy that comes from a community of artists working together and sharing ideas. [AP] 20-26 JUNE HOT PICKS To see more local events, and add your own, visit calendar.montereycountynow.com COURTESY OF VENTURE GALLERY COURTESY OF CARMEL ART ASSOCIATION VISUALS MELISSA LOFTON Carmel Art Association member Melissa Lofton has lived in Big Sur all her life. “I am constantly surprised and delighted at how rich and varied the coast and mountains are,” she wrote on her website. “Always changing, often challenging, I think of my life here as ‘life on the edge.’” Lofton’s medium of choice is oil on canvas; her landscapes include a large dose of fantasy, also when it comes to colors. She is playing between landscape painting, born out of her love for the natural world, and abstract work, a natural expression of inner worlds, Lofton paints large-format pieces, characterized by complex, lively color and texture. In her abstract work, she is fascinated with the possibility of painting a more subjective inner world: dreams, thoughts, the qualities and feelings of living on this planet. [AP] Cynthia Ann Plotkin, known professionally as Cindy Alexander, is an indie singer-songwriter. Born in Los Angeles, she currently resides in Big Sur. She started to sing as a child, encouraged by her grandmother, a music teacher. COURTESY CINDY ALEXANDER Artsick is an indiepop band from Oakland/Seaside, comprising Christina Riley on guitar and vocals, Mario Hernandez on drums and Donna McKean on bass. BECKY BARON