12 MONTEREY COUNTY WEEKLY June 20-26, 2024 www.montereycountynow.com Battle Lines Thank you for the follow-up on this (“Pacific Grove City Council majority rejects removal of a controversial commissioner,” posted June 6). It was concerning to me that Mike Gibbs had eight minutes of allotted time to speak and never made a sincere apology. More concerning is that our City Council allowed Gibbs to get away with harassing other members of the community. City Council needs to hold themselves and the members of the public that serve on boards, commissions, committees and task forces to a higher standard. Please stop bullying people. Mary Walker | Pacific Grove Our so-called moderate councilmembers clutched their pearls about the maturity and civility of recent discourse. By essentially victim-blaming the harassed parties, the council (once again) endorsed bullying and bigotry through their unwillingness to hold Gibbs accountable and their blatant disregard for the rowdy group of radicals in the chambers. The council seemed shocked that tensions had grown so high and appeared to blame those persecuted. We should expect nothing less from Luke Coletti and Debby Beck. But shame on Nick Smith and Lori McDonnell for insinuating that some sort of kumbaya compromise is even possible and, even worse, that those being targeted by hate in this community should bend over and take it. Through their cozying and coddling of xenophobes, racists and homophobes, this council (including the mayor) has created this beast. The citizens of Pacific Grove deserve a council that will open their eyes, call out the cringeworthy, disgusting and dangerous behaviors of extremists, and advocate for the tormented humans in this community with the same empathy and passion that they advocate for the shoreline, seals, butterflies and trees. John Motherhead | Pacific Grove No Place for Hate On page 4 you applaud free speech for a Sacramento high school newspaper which states, “Hitler’s got some good ideas” (“The Buzz,” June 13-19) On page 13 you applaud the mayor of Carmel shutting down the free speech rights of someone who announces that they are a Nazi (“It’s 2024, and yet—people are still identifying as Nazis,” June 13-19). Please reconcile your article on page 13 with your article on page 4. Because I cannot reconcile the two. Glen Grossman | Pacific Grove We are in big trouble, locally, nationally, worldwide. There is no more time for denial. They are the same Nazis and Confederates we defeated in the past. They have united and they are well armed. Kelita Smith | Carmel rights and wrongs A class-action lawsuit is not the path to a solution. Only the lawyers will come out ahead (“As issues of racism persist in Salinas schools, parents consider a civil rights lawsuit,” June 13-19). Bob Roach | Salinas The fact that our schools cannot seem to remedy these racist issues is unconscionable. We don’t need a study group—we need action. Trish Triumpho Sullivan | Salinas For Rent Short-term rentals cause more harm than good for communities (“After years of delay, County finally prepares to regulate short-term rentals,” June 6-12). The idea that they somehow are going to bring in tax dollars, employ more people and allow folks to remain in their home ignores the myriad of problems caused. Especially if the entity does not enforce the regulations that are on the books, which is what Monterey County has done for over 10 years. Any research of late will show that more and more areas are moving to limit and/or remove STRs from their communities. The County has allowed them to continue due to their waffling ideas! Even when presented with evidence of problems, they plead not enough staff! The will is not there which means that neighborhoods suffer and elected officials dither. Ken Wright | Big Sur Welp! Another McNews story with so little detail it borders on pointless. What are some of the new restrictions? What restrictions are only for commercial rentals and only for hosted ones? Anything??? Searching for some actual facts, it looks like I need to go to the Monterey Herald or the Carmel Pine Cone. As usual. Stephen Moorer | Monterey Fire Worked This tyranny over fireworks is amazing (“Seaside Police is preparing itself for the onslaught of illegal fireworks,” posted June 14). While there are no organized fireworks in most areas of Monterey County, what are we supposed to do to celebrate the independence of our country? Marilyn Galli | Carmel Art Works This is great all around (“Inspired by an epic piece of art, Seaside rethinks how it does code enforcement,” June 13-19). Is it gimmicky? Yes, but we need some fresh ideas about how to solve basic problems. Maybe an administrative role like this suits [Seaside Police Chief and Interim City Manager Nick Borges] better than his police work?! By all accounts, seems to be a pretty good police officer also. Johnson Chung | Seaside Seeing the Future In Greek mythology, Cassandra was blessed with the gift of accurate prophecy, but cursed by the fact she was never to be believed. Thus, her warnings about the Trojan horse went unheeded, and Troy was destroyed. Trump has a Cassandra-like quality, only his predictions are about what he will do in the future, rather than what others will do (“Donald Trump was convicted because of democracy—not in spite of it, despite what he claims,” June 6-12). Sadly, his statements about future retribution and other horrendous policies are seen by many as mere bluster, and not as indications of his real intentions. I believe him, and I don’t want American democracy pillaged like Troy. Wake up America, before it’s too late. Glenn Nolte | Carmel Valley Letters • CommentsOPINION Submit letters to the editor to letters@montereycountynow.com. Please keep your letter to 150 words or less; subject to editing for space. Please include your full name, contact information and city you live in.