14 MONTEREY COUNTY WEEKLY May 9-15, 2024 www.montereycountynow.com Dead End This indictment against 11 members of the Salinas Acosta Plaza Norteños is a serious win for justice, but it also raises significant concerns (“Twelve are arrested in ‘Operation Dead End,’ alleging street gang crimes in Salinas,” posted May 2). It’s great to see such a coordinated effort by the police, striking at dawn to bring these criminals in. Their dedication is commendable. But why did it take so many years and so many heinous crimes to finally get here? This isn’t just about 11 individuals; surely, they aren’t the only troublemakers in Monterey County. This arrest is a good step, but it’s just part of the bigger picture. We need to be quicker and more proactive in addressing such threats. Our community’s safety is crucial, and we can’t afford to sit back and wait for things to escalate before we act. Let’s keep the pressure on and ensure our safety measures are as sharp and swift as today’s justice proved it can be. Bill Lipe | Salinas School Board The article about the dysfunction on the Monterey Peninsula College board made no effort to ask the question of what is truly going on (“MPC trustees go round and round over how to handle complaints made against each other,” posted April 25). Everyone was equally lumped together. No mention is made of Trustee Libby Downey’s hugely successful career serving with distinction on many boards—12 years on the Monterey City Council, for example. MPC requires excellent governance and it would be helpful if we knew where the problems arise. Jim Lauderdale | Monterey At Your Service I want to thank Salinas City Councilman Steve McShane for his 14 years of service (“Salinas City Council decides to fill a vacancy in District 3 by appointment,” posted April 24; his resignation takes effect May 10). I’ve lived in South Salinas a long time and found him to be very responsive and proactive. He’s planted trees in the nearby park and seems to be the only person that speaks up for our police and firefighters. He will be missed on the Salinas City Council. Kristin Callender | Salinas I want to underscore that I’ve never seen a more responsive, hardworking and community-minded public servant. Elected representatives like him are hard to come by and he will be missed. Steve was always there to take a phone call, respond to inquiries, and promote business and events in Salinas. During the prior 14 years, Steve did so much for the city, both inside and outside of District 3. However, recently, the dysfunction and infighting, along with potential bullying by two or three sitting council members, appears to have forced Steve to focus on family (“Fourthterm Salinas City Councilmember Steve McShane resigns,” posted April 10). It’s a sad day and reality that someone as passionate as Steve about his city feels it is best to step down midterm. I appreciate his service and he will be remembered as effective and motivated for the right reasons. David J. R. Mack | Salinas I’ve watched the votes closely and it appears to me the Salinas City Council has lost its way on public safety, business and streets. Last I checked, that’s what city government should focus on. The folks on the City Council attacking him are simply failing to focus on what people want to see addressed in Salinas. I want to thank Steve McShane for his service and will be advocating for new leadership change in all of the seats across the city, including a change at the top. Vince Chabarria | Salinas I was surprised to learn about the retirement of Salinas City Councilman Steve McShane. I’ve lived in South Salinas for over 50 years and I’ve never seen anyone more committed for the betterment of Salinas, and not just his district, but all districts. I’m sorry to see so many vacancies at City Hall and the dysfunction on the City Council. I will do what I can to support candidates throughout our city who better support our police department and work as a team. Rose Clark | Salinas Everyone’s a Gamer Lynn’s Arcade, High Scores Arcade and Tipsy Putt have been great additions to the Monterey Peninsula (“Decades after regulations and rulebreakers plunged pinball into darkness, the game is experiencing a renaissance,” April 25-May 1). They’re family-friendly activities, but also a fun place for us millennial adults who enjoy local craft beer while playing nostalgic arcade games and mini golf that we grew up with. Eric Palmer | Monterey Love throwing a few back at Lynn’s! Glad they exist. Thomas Gray | via web Quite Impressive Not to mention her PhD in Heritage Studies! (“The new director of the Museum of Natural History has done a lot of everything related to the job,” April 25-May 1.) Chris Green | via web Marina on the Move? Don’t really want this kind of gentrification (“Marina’s downtown plan envisions changes in density, traffic flow and landscaping,” April 11-17). Marina has a very lovely variety of local businesses. I don’t want to see happen to them what happened to those on Broadway in Seaside. Frederick Jack Nelson | Seaside Just repave the roads and leave us be. So much patching that wears out after a winter or two. Melody Eldridge | via web Been living in Marina since January while I attend CSU Monterey Bay. I think the city is beautiful. The only complaint is everything is so spread out and far apart. Jimi Vera | via web Marina is such a quiet, wonderful place. No changes are necessary. Alec Cizak | via web Letters • CommentsOPINION Submit letters to the editor to letters@montereycountynow.com. 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