22 MONTEREY COUNTY WEEKLY april 4-10, 2024 www.montereycountyweekly.com Luna • Eva Sánchez Henry Huggins • Taylor Buaya Rusty • Susan Wolfe Kasey and Tyler • Josh Goldman Sesame • Alexis Estrada Luna (left) and Callie • Denise Kuehl Scully • Gary Bolen Honey and Hunter • Rosalyn Sandoval Jypsy • Lori Mazzuca Kliban and Kubuki • Tina Corona Luna • Lena Sackett Charlotte and Dandy • Terri Anderson Coco • David Dickins Cooper • Michele Allen Audrey • Kathy Giger Sunny • Lena Sackett Rango • Leah Beets Mia (front) and Libby • Heather McColgan Beauty • Janine Sprout Churro (front) and Jenny • Cathy Heape Big “Buzz” Buzzer (front) and Willie • Heather McColgan Pride and Joy We asked readers to send us your best pet pics. You happily obliged. I t goes without saying that people love their pets. The only thing that rivals that love is the desire to share it with the world. Since the advent of the camera, people have been taking photos of their pets not only for themselves, but also to show their family, friends or anyone who happens to walk by. It’s also probably one of the reasons why social media was invented. In March, we put out a call online for our readers to share photos of their furry, feathered, scaly and slimy family members. Thanks to you, our inboxes have been filled with happy, annoyed and slightly bewildered faces. A selection of those photos can be found here, following a deeply intense discussion among Weekly staffers, where voices were raised, over which photos to choose for print. Since we couldn’t fit everything on this page, more photos are live at mcweekly. com/petissue2024. The Pet Issue