20 MONTEREY COUNTY WEEKLY APRIL 4-10, 2024 www.montereycountyweekly.com There’s a place in Carmel that puts new meaning to the yoga term “downward dog.” Dogma is a place where people, and their dogs, can be guided on the path to fitness through various holistic health care offerings. There’s yoga, chiropractic, massage, reiki, diet plans, pilates and many other services. And whatever you choose for yourself, so too can your dog. Founder Dr. Jamie Lucia says Dogma focuses on the pillars of health for both humans and their canine companions, including physical, neurological, spiritual and social. Many of Dogma’s clients come from veterinarian referrals or just on their own, often unsure of how to eat healthy or exercise properly, for both themselves and their dogs. “They get stuck in this place of getting by and just existing,” Lucia says. “We take that level of existence and help them thrive.” As an example, Lucia says Dogma’s team works with their clients to show them how to make their own dog food using organic ingredients, often following the Mediterranean diet. The food is not only for the dogs; Lucia says their humans will also follow the same diet to an extent. “It’s very empowering to be able to see someone realize that they have control of their health and well-being,” she says. Diets are not the only thing people will share with their dogs. Dogma offers various fitness classes, including yoga, where the dogs can join in. Chiropractic adjustments for canines and humans? Check. Matching outfits? That’s coming soon. Lucia says Dogma plans to partner with local pet shops to bring some of their merchandise to the spot, while offering more events such as Yappy Hour, which features live music, drinks, a dog bar and more. “People want to do everything with their dog,” Lucia says. “The more dog-friendly places there are, the more successful they are going to be. Dogs are really part of your family.” Lucia, with an extensive background in human and animal chiropractic care, graduated from Palmer College West in 1987 and Parker College in 2013. “I’ve always had a profound love for animals, and I’ve always been extremely interested in the holistic approach of taking care of animals,” she says. In 2022, she merged Los Altos Community Chiropractic and Altos Animal Chiropractic into Dogma. Based on the strong response, Lucia expanded Dogma into Carmel in July 2023. Lucia says the Dogma team aims to create a “happy vibe” for people and their dogs when they walk through the doors. The dogs can sense it as well, as Lucia says many clients learn about the place just by being pulled in by their dogs as they walk through the shopping center. On cue, as Lucia describes this during an interview, a labrador on a walk with a man pokes its nose in the door. “Our tagline is, ‘their health is our happiness,’” Lucia says. “The bottom line is, we’re working to give the longest and healthiest life for everyone that comes into that door.” Dogma is at 236 Crossroads Blvd., Carmel. 238-7970, dogmafit.com. Best Friend At Dogma in Carmel, humans and canines can do everything together, from yoga to dieting. By Erik Chalhoub Dr. Jamie Lucia at Dogma in Carmel provides chiropractic and other holistic services for dogs. DANIEL DREIFUSS THE PET ISSUE May 12, 2023 The deadline is May 6th. Landscape • Hardscape • Irrigation 831-624-4991 insideout1design@outlook.com f InsideOut Landscape Design CA LIC# 960809 w Landscape Design From An Interior Perspective Eliza DeCiantis believes that your landscape should be an extension of your interior space. Having received her Master Gardener’s Certification over 28 years ago, Eliza combines her 22 year career in television set design with her life-long passion for gardening to create beautiful custom landscape. Eliza is conscientious of our water management issues while creating a drought tolerant, deer resistant environment custom to your personal taste and budget. With a keen sense of attention to detail, Eliza will spruce up your existing landscape for a special event or create a new landscape to enjoy for years to come. InsideOut Landscape Design, Inc. can increase the value of your home, while enhancing the natural potential and beauty of your exterior space for your home or business.