14 MONTEREY COUNTY WEEKLY march 21-27, 2024 www.montereycountyweekly.com Beach Front Very sad this location has closed right at spring break time and nicer weather (“Pacific Grove expects strong interest in space that housed The Grill at Lovers Point,” posted March 11). I hope whomever is selected will preserve the old-fashioned, small town beach feel—and be able to make as good of a burger at a value price. Let’s get it open soon! Sharon Houy | Seaside A sad day for P.G. It was a good spot by the beach, if a bit overpriced. Derek Hanneman | via social media I’m excited to see what happens there. Hopefully something both locals and visitors enjoy. (Like more skinny French fries!) Justin Tyme Noren | via social media Water Front We love going to Cafe Fina. Food and service are amazing and it feels way less touristy [than other locations on Fisherman’s Wharf] (“Some of Monterey’s most admired restaurants are on a strip that some residents avoid,” March 14-20). Katy Annigoni | via social media I think it’s mainly [because of] too many tourists and overpriced food. Local discounts might bring more residents in. Frances Morrow | Pacific Grove Most restaurants have a locals’ menu. Entrees sometimes include chowder or salad and dessert. It’s a touristy area, but excellent food. Old Fisherman’s Grotto has the best chowder and fried calamari. The atmosphere and service are amazing. Ask for the locals’ menu and enjoy gourmet food at a great price! Janet Reyes | via social media Paluca Trattoria is my go-to restaurant on the wharf. Jen Randall | via social media We had clam chowder on Saturday night! Stephanie Johnstone | via social media Water Supply I really appreciate your covering the fight against Cal Am’s greed and the California Public Utility Commission’s continued rubber-stamping (“Peninsula’s water supply drama is now playing out in court,” posted March 13). I am not an activist, just a pissedoff citizen who started paying attention as I watched my water bill double, then triple and beyond. I always heard about corrupt institutions, but the CPUC in multiple ways—anti-solar decisions in favor of PG&E, Cal Am’s desal plant to name two—is blatantly not protecting me, but instead protecting the interests (profits) of the industries it is supposed to be regulating. The legal system has become the average citizen’s only defense against a regulatory entity that has abdicated its responsibilities and is in the governor’s and industry’s pocket. Literally. Berj Amir | Seaside A Deep Hole How could City leaders let it get that far? (“Salinas needs $1.1 billion to repair all of its disintegrating streets,” posted March 7.) Joey Espinoza | via social media Read and Write Bird by Bird, baby! (“Author and activist Anne Lamott reflects on life and literature before her 70th birthday, and a talk in Carmel,” March 7-13.) It is one of Anne Lamott’s books on writing which has always been such a help to me. There is a charming vignette in it recounting an experience her older brother had (p. 19 of the 1994 edition). He had procrastinated on a writing assignment until the evening before it was due. He had to write a report on birds, and was panicking on how he was going to get it done, as so many of us writers are wont to do. Lamott’s father was a writer, and her brother tried to get a solution from his father on how to complete his assignment in time. Their father told Lamott’s brother, “Bird by bird, buddy. Just take it bird by bird.” I can’t tell you how many writing crises that phrase/title has gotten me through. Anne Lamott is the best. C.S. Noel | Carmel Valley I love Anne Lamott! Her words continue to inspire me as I continue writing, about poultry, elephant seals, all the life that parades through my life, now here on California’s beautiful Central Coast. Christine Heinrichs | Cambria Agata Popeda’s story on Anne Lamott was so good—insightful and engaging, a delight to read! Patrice Vecchione | Del Rey Oaks Health Costs As a former employee of MCSIG (Municipalities, Colleges, Schools Insurance Group) for over two decades, I have seen many instances where the MCSIG board touts contracts like the recent Salinas Valley Health in-network hospital agreement as “a win,” but are really a colossal gift of public funds (“A health insurance agreement with Salinas Valley Health is a milestone,” March 7-13). The contracts involve millions of dollars of taxpayer money, may provide some initial cost savings in year one, but then dramatically increase in year two and three, erasing any initial savings from the teaser rates. Providers like Salinas Valley Health are in business to make profits (see CEO’s pay package), not hold down healthcare costs for our local public school and city employees. Neil Hertsch | Seaside Animal Kingdom Rebecca is incredibly knowledgeable and an all-around great human! (“Rebecca Dmytryk is at the forefront of humane solutions to problem animals,” March 7-13.) Miranda Taylor | via social media Peace Time The old Del Monte Hotel is truly iconic and should be preserved, including its out-buildings. That leaves Alternative 1 (“The public comment period is open for NPS’ proposed Naval Innovation Center,” posted March 8). This would be a huge boost for our economy, both in the short-term construction, as well as in the long-term increase in persons working at the facility. More housing will be needed, of course. Walter Wagner | Salinas Letters • CommentsOPINION Submit letters to the editor to letters@mcweekly.com. Please keep your letter to 150 words or less; subject to editing for space. Please include your full name, contact information and city you live in.