24 MONTEREY COUNTY WEEKLY march 14-20, 2024 www.montereycountyweekly.com foundation of abstract art—those evening stars really do twirl out of control after the sixth glass—and if, like all of us, you know those pieces to be of astronomical value, then consider this event. The Friends of Salinas Public Library are hosting their third annual Sip and Paint. You can load up and then create the next “Peinture (Etoile Bleue),” “Convergence,” or “Composition X” and join the ranks of Pollock and the other greats and watch commissions roll in. But even if you don’t become a famous artist, your effort—drinking and painting—is a fundraiser that supports such beneficial library offerings as the Summer Reading Program. Your contribution gets you in, supplies and refreshments provided. And just to be clear, the library promises “refreshments.” We’re assuming they’re of the sort that will liberate your mind and slur your brush. [DF] 6-9pm Saturday, March 16. John Steinbeck Library, 350 Lincoln Ave., Salinas. $50. 758-7182, salinaspubliclibrary.org. Early St. Patrick Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day one day early with live music by the Dave Holodiloff Trio at Bon Ton L’Roy’s Lighthouse Smokehouse. Holodiloff is not a stranger—not in our community, and not at Bon Ton L’Roy’s, where he plays solo or with his band regularly. He is one of the most active musicians in Monterey. See his St. Patrick’s show filled with Irish music. Hear Holodiloff (mandolin, vocals), Elijjah McCullar (fiddle, banjo) and Juneau Rowe (piano) perform a broad range of classic Celtic music. A special holiday dinner menu will be available. [AP] 7pm Saturday, March 16. Bon Ton L’Roy’s Lighthouse Smokehouse, 794 Lighthouse Ave., Monterey. $25-$30. 375-6958. tinyurl. com/4eevthdu. Wednesday, March 20 Big Brains, Deep Sounds Whales are sentient. And arguably, they’re smarter than people, even if they don’t have opposable thumbs or speak a language we understand— whales have existed on the planet for millions of years, and the planet stayed in balance. But whales are also hard to pin down—they spend their lives underwater, and a lot of resources have to be expended to even get a picture of them, much less study them. John Ryan, an oceanographer at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in Moss Landing, listens to whales for research, a niche he’s carved out now that technology allows us to listen to the underwater sounds in Monterey Bay 24/7/365. Ryan sat down with the Weekly last year to talk about his work, and this was perhaps the most striking takeaway: Whales have “culture.” Ryan comes to the Monterey Public Library to talk about his work, and to get people jazzed up about whales, some of the most fascinating creatures on Earth. It’s an invitation to listen. [DS] 3:45-4:45pm Wednesday, March 20. Monterey Public Library, 625 Pacific St., Monterey. Free. 646-3933, montereypl.libcal. com/event/11775819. Hot Picks by Sloan Campi, Erik Chalhoub, Dave Faries, Celia Jiménez, Pam Marino, Agata Pope˛da, Sara Rubin and David Schmalz. Send ideas to calendar@mcweekly.com HOT PICKS WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca can give you access to real telescopes and real astronomers with the answers? The storied race track welcomes experts from the Monterey Institute for Research in Astronomy (and their tools) to help the public understand the heavens. Astronomers guide this first-time viewing experience from the infield of the track. You can get a closer look at the planets and ask the experts all the unknowns. Can you see a black hole? They know. Does space come to an end at some point? Guessing they know. Are there parallel universes where time…don’t go there. Why hold this event at a race track? Because in space, as in a race car, no one can hear you scream. [DF] 7:30-10:30pm Friday, March 15. WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, 1021 Highway 68, Salinas. Free. 242-8200, weathertechraceway.com. Friday, March 15-Sunday, March 17 Little Shop Local theater company Enchantrix is bringing the ’60s vibes, alien plants, and R&B mix to Moss Landing with The Little Shop of Horrors Musical. It’s a campy story about Seymour Krelborn, a floral shop assistant, and the unique plant he names “Audrey II” after his crush and coworker Audrey. The plant isn’t an ordinary one. She’s from space, and instead of water loves eating human blood. Audrey II provides unlimited fame and fortune to Seymour—as long as he provides it with the red elixir. “It’s a hilarious musical,” says Sean Aten, Enchantrix founder and one of the actors. With man-eating plants and hit songs, that’s an understatement. [CJ] 7pm Fridays-Saturdays, 2pm Sundays (except Easter), March 15-April 7. 8425 Moss Landing Road, Moss Landing. $25. info@ enchantrix.net, enchantrix.net. Saturday, March 16 Green Thumbs Up Maybe you impulsively picked up a little fern in a cute planter from Trader Joe’s as your first foray into tending plants, or maybe you’re the master gardener of your neighborhood. Either way, you can explore the world of plants and gardening at one of Monterey’s beloved, long-running traditions, the Annual Cutting Day and Horticulture Faire. Now in its 67th year, the fair includes community members bringing their own yard clippings to share with others, local nurseries donating and distributing hundreds of plants for free, as well as free tree seedlings, information on native plants, plant care and landscaping tips for drought-resistant plants. The event takes place rain or shine. Bring a bag or cart and leave with a whole new world of plant possibilities. [PM] 9am-noon Saturday, March 16. Friendly Plaza next to Colton Hall, corner of Pacific and Jefferson streets, Monterey. Free. 646-3860, monterey.org/parks. For the Girls The women-owners of California Seltzer Company and The Cheese Fairy don’t need an introduction. But if they were to get one, who is better than the Monterey Symphony? Join these ladies at the 6th annual Women’s Night Out—a pre-party event showcasing women-owned businesses in Monterey County. In addition to the local women-titans of industry, the event features DJ Gwynneth spinning Italian discoteca-inspired tunes in Sunset Center’s Studio 105. Once the pre-party wraps, hear the works of featured soloist Orli Shaham at the symphony’s concert with the rest of the ensemble. [SC] Women’s Night Out pre-party 6-7:30pm in Studio 105, followed by Symphony concert at 7:30pm on the main stage Saturday, March 16. Sunset Center, San Carlos and 8th, Carmel. $40; use promo code: “VIBES” at checkout. 646-8511, montereysymphony.org. Outside the Lines If, like some of us, you believe that free-flowing absinthe was the true shutterstock Central Coast Entertainment Come to Laguna Seca to learn about the discovery of Neptune, the mysterious rings of Saturn and all the black holes that make our universe denser than we initially thought. These are some of the faces of Women’s Night Out hosted by the Monterey Symphony. There is even a female DJ involved.