Thursday, March 14 Women in Poetry CSU Monterey Bay rolls out the red carpet for poet royalty. In honor of Women’s History Month, the college hosts new Monterey County Poet Laureate and CSUMB lecturer Rachelle Escamilla; Oakland Poet Laureate Ayodele Nzinga; and Monterey County Youth Poet Laureate Mahi Shah. Escamilla, who began her new role as poet laureate in January, is the author of three books of poetry, including her latest, Space Junk from the Heavenly Palace, a series of poems that were inspired by a deteriorating Chinese space station in orbit. Shah is a senior at Notre Dame High School in Salinas, who came out on top in the 2022 Monterey County Poetry Out Loud competition and served as the county’s first youth poet laureate in 2022. Nzinga, a multi-discipline artist known as “WordSlanger,” is Oakland’s first poet laureate, and hosts a theater production titled “Winter in America: The Reckoning.” CSUMB alumna, self-care advocate and writer Alie Jones moderates the event. [EC] 4pm Thursday, March 14. CSU Monterey Bay World Theater, 5260 Sixth Ave., Seaside. Free. 582-3000. RSVP at bit. ly/3T4CC53. Friday, March 15 On a Boat First thing’s first—you don’t actually need to be on a yacht, or any boat for that matter (though it certainly enhances the experience) to appreciate yacht rock. The phrase was only invented 20-some years after the heyday of the genre, roughly 1975-85, also known as “West Coast sound” or, more generally, soft rock. It might’ve faded into the realm of background music (where much of it perhaps best belongs) except for a 2005 video series entitled Yacht Rock that coined the phrase Yacht Rock and parodied the lives of stars like Kenny Loggins, Toto, The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan. Yächtley Crëw continues in that tradition, leaning into the Yacht Rock craze with melodic vocals, nautical-themed outfits, outstanding showmanship and some of the most iconic hits of the era. They bring the vibe to Monterey this weekend. [SR] 8pm Friday, March 15. Golden State Theatre, 417 Alvarado St., Monterey. $25-$40. 649-1070, goldenstatetheatre.com. Space Race That pinpoint in the night sky could be Saturn. Or maybe it’s Mercury. Are either part of the constellation Orion? Yeah, there’s an app that can help you figure it out, but where’s the fun in that when 22 MONTEREY COUNTY WEEKLY march 14-20, 2024 www.montereycountyweekly.com Michelle Robertson “A photographer takes thousands and thousands of hours of practice making mistake after mistake to begin to make sense of photography,” photographer Michelle Robertson wrote on her website. Robertson is one of the artists who use studio spaces, currently in Seaside, provided by the Arts Council for Monterey County (the space will be moved soon to a new location). Born in Berkeley, Robertson was raised in Pacific Grove. Her medium is photography. “Using a camera, a computer and my knowledge of Photoshop, I started creating images that expressed mood and feeling through color and texture,” she says. “Sometimes my work is moody and thoughtful, or it can be whimsical and playful.” More at michellerobertsonphotography.com. [AP] 14-20 march HOT PICKS To see more local events, and add your own, visit calendar.montereycountyweekly.com Michelle Robertson VISUALS Anna Walsh This colorful masterpiece titled “A Cat” was created by Anna Walsh from Big Sur Charter School in Monterey. The exhibit that includes works by young artists (third- to eighth-graders) is titled Naturally We Love and can be seen in the Small Halls of the Pacific Grove Art Center in P.G. “Each day we try to notice the awe moments in nature and then capture them in our art,” was the motto/ theme for this exhibit. A cat is a moment in nature, always alone, at the center of all creation. Walsh’s green-eyed cat seems to be going to a nightclub. Students from Big Sur Charter School meet weekly to create art. On display until April 25. [AP] Formed in 2017 in Los Angeles, Yächtley Crëw is returning to our port. Think nautical attire and metal umlauts. This is more than a band; it’s a lifestyle. Cruise to Golden State Theatre in Monterey for the show. John Travis The Annual Cutting Day and Horticulture Faire is one of Monterey’s beloved, long-running traditions, now in its 67th year. City OF mOnterey Courtesy of Big Sur Charter School