22 MONTEREY COUNTY WEEKLY MARCH 7-13, 2024 www.montereycountyweekly.com I was raised by liberals in the ’50s, with Democratic values. I was 6 when Kennedy was elected and my parents campaigned for him. It always rang a bell. It was always the party that was more willing to help the poor, children, elderly and the environment. It still seems like a good fit for me. I think we progressive Christians are appalled by mainstream Christianity, what people do and say in the name of Christianity. We are ashamed of MAGA Christianity or Donald Trump pretending to be a Christian. Women’s rights, the poor and the environment are very important to me. [A black cat appears on the screen, next to Lamott.] She tries to eat my dreadlocks. See, I’m a homebody. I’m in my bed right now, with a cat. I like to write on my couch with an iPad too, but when I’m serious and filing the first draft of a book, I have to sit down in my tiny office. I love small cozy spaces. I bet you do too. You look like someone who enjoys small cozy spaces. So I’m kind of a loner, but I’m trying to be social. I’m involved in the recovery community. I know you love dogs and cats. Do you think they have a similar or different vibe? I even heard that you convinced your husband, who has cat allergies, to get you one. I grew up with cats and dogs. The closest we know the love of God is through our pets. This love is unwavering. I mean, cats can be difficult, but most of the time they can’t wait to be with you again. This cat would crawl on me for hours. If I called Uber Eats, she would never leave. And who else can you say this about? Do you know the Monterey Peninsula well? Yes, we used to take regular field trips to the Aquarium. Also, my father wanted us to learn about John Steinbeck. Some 20 years ago, I went [to Salinas] for a protest against closing a public library. It was a two-day event. Also, one of my novels, Crooked Little Heart [1998] is inspired by the local kelp forest. The Peninsula is out of this world; it has this Europeanquality beauty. I just love it down there. An evening with Anne Lamott takes place at 7:30pm Friday, March 8. Sunset Cultural Center, San Carlos Street and 9th Avenue, Carmel. $49-$85. 620-2048, sunsetcenter.org. “I always teach my children to be kind to people that are invisible.” KAREN SANTOS Miko Marks is a country and Americana singer, songwriter and performer. She is one of the soloists in Trailblazing Women of Country, a tribute concert on Saturday, March 9, elevating the work of Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn. The Peninsula’s Downtown Shops, restaurants, hotels and businesses Spend some time with us Downtown… oldmonterey.org ’23 Celebrating 10 years in Downtown! Sunday–Thursday 11:30am-10pm Friday–Saturday 11:30am-11pm 426 Alvarado St. Monterery 831-655-BEER asb.beer Monterey County’s BEST LOCAL BEER/BREWERY BEST BAR FOR MILLENIALS BEST BAR FOR GEN XERS 11:30am-close, 10am Sat & Sun 484 Washington Street Downtown Monterey 831.643.9525 www.melvilletav.com WOOD FIRED PIZZAS, BURGERS, PASTA, SALADS & SANDWICHES INDOOR, PATIO DINING & TAKEOUT HAPPY HOUR FOOD & DRINK SPECIALS DAILY 4-6PM WEEKEND BRUNCH FACIALS MASSAGE STRETCH FREE 60-MINUTE SESSION ME-DNLD-3009-00-001-8X11 MONTEREY 595 Munras Ave Ste 101 Monterey, CA 93940 (831) 920-0272 WHEN YOU JOIN TODAY! Sign up for a new 12-month membership by March 31, 2024 to receive this special offer.* FACIALS MASSAGE STRETCH 60-MINUTE SESSION ME-DNLD-3009-00-001-8X11 MONTEREY 595 Munras Ave Ste 101 Monterey, CA 93940 (831) 920-0272 WHEN YOU JOIN TODAY! Sign up for a new 12-month membership by March 31, 2024 to receive this special offer.* FREE $20 Promo Card when you purchase $100 in gift cards* 595 Munras Ave Ste 101 Monterey, CA 93940-3080 (831) 920-0272 *Offer available only in-location through December 31, 2023. TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY T O PROMOTIONAL CARDS AND THIS OFFER. See MassageEnvy.com/Holiday. Each location is an independen tly owned and operated franchise. ©2023 ME SPE Franchising, LLC. ME-DNLD-2093-00-001-8X11 MASSAGE FACIALS STRETCH 447 Alvarado St • Monterey • 375-5332 www.gaspersjewelers.com Voted Monterey’s Best Jewelry Store 20 years suits • sport coats • trousers this weekend friday-saturday-sunday march 8-9-10 shirt trunk show our own khakis dress and sport shirts. pick your fabric and model. trunk show made in italy special incentive 831-625-8106 • carmel plaza • ocean & junipero • khakisofcarmel.com