26 MONTEREY COUNTY WEEKLY February 29-march 6, 2024 www.montereycountyweekly.com MUSIC Michael Martinez, a pianist known for his Big Sur Marathon performances, and Sherry Finzer, who wows with evocative flute work, released an album in January and—fittingly—are celebrating with a release party. They performed an impromptu jam together at a mutual friend’s party in Sedona last year and immediately felt an urge to team up and record. Entitled Desert Meets Ocean, the album melds the artistic, spiritual energy of Sedona with the oceanic flow of Monterey. Martinez composed eight of the songs in his first collaborative effort. Not knowing what to expect, when he heard Finzer play the first song, “The Joy in You,” it knocked him out. “It’s the first time I didn’t strive to do something great when writing this album,” he explains. “Something deeper comes out when you don’t try. It’s the action of letting go when the magic happens— and that’s exactly what I did.” Martinez refers to their musical connection as a mystery, and it feels that way to Finzer, as well. “You can’t explain it in words. It can only be felt,” she points out. “His music is very beautiful, so it’s very easy to create something with his music. We go up there to perform and this amazing magic happens. Every time we perform people are just like, ‘wow.’” Desert Meets Ocean is also where structure meets improv. During their second performance, they created “Oceanic Bliss” and “Playful Grace.” Of those live improvisational singles, Finzer says, “That doesn’t happen with every musician that I play with, so there’s something very special.” The intimate setting for the release party is perfect for audience interaction (at their last performance they let the audience choose the key and which flute Finzer plays). “In this genre,” Martinez explains, “you can communicate something that can’t be communicated in words and when you get the right group of people, they resonate with that. What you feel when you play, certain people will pick up on that. And it’s truly, I think, for most people, a very transformative experience.” Since friends are so much a part of what he does, Martinez will feature performances by Dave Holodiloff, Dennis Murphy and Wendi Kirby. Michael Martinez & Sherry Finzer album release concert, 4pm, Sunday, March 3. Wendi Kirby Music, 550 Hartnell St. # F, Monterey, $40. michaelmartinezmusic. com/concerts, sherryfinzer.com. AMY NOVAK WARRE, ASHLEY HATHAWAY Music Happens Michael Martinez and Sherry Finzer marry the desert with the ocean in an intimate setting. By Tonia Eaton Michael Martinez and Sherry Finzer have collaborated on a captivating new album where structure allows the magic of improv to happen. BREAKTHROUGH Is Inside You! If you are feeling "stuck" or just want more out of life, Breakthrough has the tools to help you create something new now. If you are feeling "stuck" or just want more out of life, Breakthrough has the tools to help you create something new now. The Fulfilling Life You’ve Always Wanted... Is Inside You We’ll Help You Discover It. Life Tools For Men Use this QR code to sign up for a free introductory meeting If you are feeling “stuck” or just want more out of life, Breakthrough has the tools to help you create something new now. www.breakthroughformen.org FRESH. LOCAL. TASTY. Fisherman’s Wharf FRESHEST SEAFOOD with PANORAMIC VIEWS Open Daily at 11:30am • At the end of Fisherman’s Wharf #1 www.rockfishmonterey.com • 831.324.4375 LIVE MUSIC Wednesdays 5–7:30pm Woody dont know corporate, Woody knows local Stop in for a locally sourced meal! WoodysMontereyAirport.com Monterey regional Airport 200 Fred Kane Drive, Monterey 831-373-1232 open 9am-9pm Every Day Del Mesa Carmel 500 Del Mesa Carmel, Carmel valley 831-624-1854 open Wed-Sun for lunch and dinner