24 MONTEREY COUNTY WEEKLY february 29-march 6, 2024 www.montereycountyweekly.com the event. Faulkner himself is building a lowrider, not his first one, a bicycle that he calls Redbandit. After he’s done with it, Faulkner intends to join a car club called Blvd Kings. “It’s amazing,” Faulkner adds about the car show. “It’s the first show of the year and there are models in bikinis who pose in front of cars. It’s very cool.” [AP] Noon-6pm Sunday, March 3. Salinas Sports Complex, 1034 N. Main St., Salinas. $25 in advance; the price goes up at the door; free/ children 8 and under. 775-3100, tinyurl.com/ bdefz8yt. Tuesday, March 5 Honey Pot Mexico has the highest rate of death from sugary drinks of any country in the world. In places where mothers worried about giving their children polluted water, cola proved a ready and welcome substitute. Habitual addictions to the beverages took hold, and diabetes rates in the country spiked. The documentary El Susto— Spanish for “the alarm”—attacks that issue head on, identifying both the perpetrators and those who are trying to change it. Nonprofit Blue Zones Project Monterey County is screening the film (in Spanish with English subtitles) for free in Seaside, a city where about 45 percent of the residents are Latino, and in a county where about 61 percent of them are. And anyone who pops into a convenience store from time to time would know it’s usually the sugary drinks people are bringing to the register, along with sugary or salty snacks, all highly processed and themselves part of the diabetes epidemic. The free screening is a chance for residents to empower themselves with information, and hopefully inspire a healthier community. [DS] 5:30pm Tuesday, March 5. Dual Language Academy, 1650 Sonoma Ave., Seaside. Free. bit.ly/ElSustoBZPMC. Wednesday, March 6 Getting Warmer In her book California Against the Sea, Los Angeles Times reporter Rosanna Xia wrote, “It can take tens of thousands of years to cycle through a geological epoch, just a couple of hundred for industrialization to make a mess of the planet, and only a decade or two to delude people into making decisions based on flawed time frames—whether it’s a 30-year mortgage or a political term that resets every four years.” Have you ever read anything so concise that sets up the climate change crisis so well? Didn’t think so. But it’s why Middlebury Institute of International Studies could give Xia just one hour to explain the whole mess, and how news outlets are covering the issue, in a talk open to the public. She can pack a lot of story in a small space. Registration requested, but not required. Reception and book signing to follow. [DF] 6:30-7:30pm Wednesday, March 6. Middlebury Institute of International Studies, Irvine Auditorium, 499 Pierce St., Monterey. Free. 647-4183, middlebury.edu. Hot Picks by Erik Chalhoub, Dave Faries, Celia Jiménez, Pam Marino, Agata Pope˛da, Sara Rubin and David Schmalz. Send ideas to calendar@mcweekly.com HOT PICKS Symonds and Joan Waugh. Their presentations will provide analyses and perspectives on the crucial events of 1864, shedding light on the war’s unfolding dynamics and unraveling the complexities and consequences of the Civil War during this transformative period. [AP] 9am-4pm Friday, March 1 to Sunday, March 3. Monterey History & Art at Stanton Center, 5 Custom House Plaza, Monterey. $285 for three days. 372-2608, whtours.org. Saturday, March 2-Sunday, March 3 Marvelous Nights Just how is it possible that Van Morrison has only two Grammys? Two! This is Van the Man, after all—Rock Hall of Fame, 18 top 40 albums in the U.S., top 10 albums in the UK over four straight decades, some of the most influential music of all time. He’s been on the charts since even before “Brown Eyed Girl” was released in 1967. “Moondance” came out a couple years later, but did he rest on his laurels? No way. He’s still going strong. His two most recent albums made the UK top 40. Hell, he was even knighted in 2016. So only two Grammys? That’s rich. Oh, well—Morrison’s live performances remain things of rock legend, and his local fans (and who isn’t one?) can experience this over two nights… although tickets are selling fast. [DF] 8pm Saturday, March 2 and Sunday, March 3. Sunset Center, San Carlos Street and 9th Avenue, Carmel. $399-$599. 620-2048, sunsetcenter.org. Sunday, March 3 Local history Monterey is a small city with a rich history. Once upon a time it was the capital of California. It has a plethora of historical buildings, including San Carlos Cathedral, the Custom House (the oldest public building in the state) and Casa Serrano, home to the first school in California. The city is a perfect destination for those interested in the stories old buildings can tell about local characters and history. Local art expert, Terry Trotter, will submerge attendees in Casa Serrano’s history and take them back in time. Trotter shares stories and information on its historical significance to the area. The Monterey History and Art Association sponsors this event, focused on one of many historic local gems. [CJ] 2-4pm Sunday, March 3. Casa Serrano, 412 Pacific St., Monterey. Free/MHAA members; $10/non-members. MHAA.org1931@gmail. com, montereyhistory.org. Car and bikini show Streetlow Magazine is not only the center of the time-honored lowriding tradition. Streetlow, launched in 2000, is also an organizer of annual car show tours all over the world. Come to the 22nd Annual Lowrider Car Show (and concert) and see some of the “badass” lowrider cars, trucks and bicycles. They even have something for children just in case they get tired of walking around and want to try a bounce house. “It’s a part of the Latino and AfricanAmerican culture,” says Anthony Faulkner, a Seaside fan, who will attend It’s one of those things one can’t describe, but fits in the “like anything else” drawer. Uber-serious characters from Shakespeare meet, in the literal meaning of the word, monsters from Dungeons & Dragons, a fantasy tabletop role-playing game. Paper Wing Theatre Sodas were once a wonderful American invention and an objects of dreams for many generation of children and teenagers all over the world. Now, the truth about addicting sodas are revealed. Courtesy El Susto