Friday, March 1- Saturday, March 2 Good Show As Weekly readers know (because we wrote about it—shameless plug), Pacific Grove native Daniel Troia rode his bicycle cross country, starting with no food and no money, and learned something about the basic goodness of so many people. That’s nice to hear in a world where some froth about mass deportations and spew racist rhetoric. Troia also made a documentary along the way, and each time he shows the film, it’s for a good cause. This time he brings We Are All in This Together back to Lighthouse Cinema for two nights, and 100 percent of ticket sales benefit the Salinas homeless shelter Dorothy’s Place. There’s a Q&A session with the filmmaker and long rider after. But be careful if you’re a hater. Speaking to Troia could make you a better person. [DF] 7pm Friday, March 1 and Saturday, March 2. Lighthouse Cinema and Event Center, 525 Lighthouse Ave., Pacific Grove. $15. 641-0747, lighthousecinema4events.com. Roll the Dice It’s the matchup no one knew they wanted to see: Shakespeare’s iconic characters facing off against the terrifying monsters from Dungeons & Dragons. Paper Wing Theatre and Supper Club is bringing its version of classical tales versus modern RPGs, where perhaps Hamlet will slay a Lich to become a king. Or will Juliet be fooled by a mimic disguising itself as Romeo? It’ll all be determined by the roll of a dice and the choices of the audience. [EC] 7pm Friday, March 1 and Saturday, March 2. Paper Wing Theatre & Supper Club, 711 Cannery Row, Suite I, Monterey. $15. 905-5684, paperwing.com. Friday, March 1- Sunday, March 3 History of War Civil War history buffs, here’s something for you. Immerse yourself in the “1864 to War’s End” conference, a three-day Monterey exploration of the pivotal year in the American Civil War. The speakers include prominent historians of the subject, such as Gary Gallagher, Harold Holzer, Gordon Rhea, Craig 22 MONTEREY COUNTY WEEKLY february 29-march 6, 2024 www.montereycountyweekly.com Pam Bonsper There is a powerful exhibit wrapping up at East Village Cafe in Monterey. The artist is Pam Bonsper, who has a gift for distilling Black history into an educational and moving image. Her work addresses racism and diversity through art. You can find many of her works on the website of the Caste Action Alliance. CAA is a group of individuals based out of Monterey County, rising up for social and restorative justice. The above piece by Bonsper is titled “White Privilege” and represents “my thoughts…landing on the canvas,” Bonsper wrote on CAA’s website. “The plants tell the story,“ she wrote. “A plant from a healthy seed, raised with proper care and nurturance, will develop into a strong plant. Seeds raised with deprivation and insufficient nutrition will develop into sorrowful plants which will wither and die.” [AP] HOT PICKS february 29–march 06 To see more local events, and add your own, visit calendar.montereycountyweekly.com Courtesy of Carl Cherry Center for Arts VISUALS Maddie Gill The Carl Cherry Center for the Arts is proud to announce the winners of “Thinking Out Loud 2024,” a regional art competition that challenges high school students to create works inspired by their lives. Each year, students from across Monterey County are invited to display their artwork across a wide range of media for exhibition in the Cherry Center’s gallery. The exhibit will open with a reception at 2-4pm Saturday, March 3. The event is free and open to the public. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday from noon-4pm, or by appointment. The image above is titled “Sisterhood” and was done by Maddie Gill of York School, this year’s first-place winner. “My inspiration for much of my work comes from the nostalgia associated with nearly every aspect of my childhood,” she wrote in an artist statement. [AP] Call him “Sir,” because Van Morrison was knighted for his importance in the world of music. Rolling Stone ranked Astral Weeks 60 on its list of top 500 albums of all time, with Moondance at 120. van morrison Daniel Troia is a known hero in our community. A bicycle traveler, he opened himself to a great and humbling adventure. If you haven’t seen his film, now is the time. Daniel Dreifuss