6 MONTEREY COUNTY WEEKLY FEBRUARY 15-21, 2024 www.montereycountyweekly.com 831 Nestled smack in the middle of Park Row in Salinas is a barber’s pole that’s been spinning for over 70 years. Beside it on each side is a red-framed door and window along with two small benches that complement the red, white and blue facade. But it’s a look inside of Park Row Barber Shop that really offers customers a stroll down memory lane. Lily Bogaards has been cutting hair for 63 years. In 1998, after almost 30 years working in other salons, she purchased Park Row Barber Shop (and its two original 1950s barber chairs) from longtime owner Jim Weaver. In 2008, Lily was joined by her daughter Adrianna, and for the past 15-plus years the mother-daughter tandem has shared an office on Park Row. With only two chairs and a small waiting room, the barber shop itself is less than 400 square feet. But as the Bogaards will tell you, this small space has bore witness to more than its fair share of history. “My kids practically grew up here,” Adrianna says. “Mom and I would be cutting hair and talking to our customers, and the kids were here learning to walk, then doing their homework. Growing up right here in the shop.” While the kids have grown up, Lily and Adrianna have settled into every corner of their 14-by-16 space. Among the chairs in the small waiting area are two vintage barber chairs, including a wooden model from 1883 as well as a 1901 version. Couple those with the display case full of antique razors and shaving kits and it’s easy to feel as though time hasn’t traveled quite as quickly at this barber shop. “It looks pretty much the same as it did when I bought it,” says Lily as she gazes around her shop. “Except for the hats, of course.” Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the neighborhood barber shop are the 700 hats that cover nearly every square inch of the wall space inside the shop. Trucker hats, as they’ve come to be known, have become the unofficial tradition of Park Row Barber Shop. “After my husband died, I brought in a few of his favorite hats to sort of keep me company,” Lily says. “Then gradually my customers would start bringing in some of their favorite hats, and now we’ve got so many hats we are starting to run out of space to put them.” The collection of hats reads like a history of Salinas, and is largely composed of local ag companies (both current and defunct) with legendary labels, names and brands. But you’ll also notice a significant amount of familiar hats representing our nation’s armed services. “We have a lot of veterans who come in,” says Lily, who arrived on the Central Coast by way of Fort Ord. “We feel like we’re a big part of that community.” Whether it’s the classic facade, the vintage chairs or the friendly barbers, Park Row Barber Shop is like a renaissance. Customers can get a haircut and even a quick shave for 15 bucks. They’re open early (7:30am), and there’s no appointment necessary. It’s no wonder the shop has become a mainstay on Park Row. “We spend 15 minutes with these people, once every few weeks,” Adrianna says. “But over time you share a lot with these people, and they kind of become family.” “Many of my customers, I’ve cut their hair since they were kids. In this very same chair,” Lily says. “Now I’m cutting their kids’ and grandkids’ hair, too. You really get to know these people.” Adrianna agrees. “We’re literally helping plan a funeral for one of our customers right now,” Adrianna says. “That shows how much these people can become a part of our lives.” Still going strong at the age of 80, Lily has no plans of retirement. As for the future of the shop? “I think she will outlive and outwork me,” says Adrianna of her mother. “But I love working with my mom. I feel lucky to get to spend all this time with her.” Park Row Barber Shop is located at 936 Park Row in Salinas. It is open daily from 7:30am-5pm and walk-ins are encouraged. Cuts of Nostalgia Mother-daughter duo have been trimming hair for generations of Salinas residents. By Jeff Mendelsohn Lily Bogaards, who has been cutting hair for 63 years, purchased Park Row Barber Shop in Salinas in 1998. Her daughter Adrianna (background) joined her in 2008. “Many of my customers, I’ve cut their hair since they were kids.” TALES FROM THE AREA CODE DANIEL DREIFUSS “At Santa Cruz County Bank I know exactly who to call when I need answers. The Bank makes decisions at a local level – the same way I do. The Treasury Management team walked us through the efficiencies of online and mobile banking and the security of having positive pay protection – all of which keep our bookkeeper very happy!”