24 MONTEREY COUNTY WEEKLY FEBRUARY 15-21, 2024 www.montereycountyweekly.com MUSIC Rarely do we see love found in music almost reminiscent of Avril Lavigne’s ballad “Sk8er Boi.” Kristen Rose Gradwohl had a musical friendship with Talmon Owens for eight years before they came together and eventually married last September. About a year ago, the two formed the singer/songwriter duo Magenta Spreen, showcasing Gradwohl’s softly piercing timbre which is wrapped with meticulous melodies by Owens. The pair had been singing and performing music independently for over 15 years before forming Magenta Spreen. Coming from a punk background, Owens began performing around Big Sur in 2010 while Gradwohl was already a five-year veteran. Gradwohl performed lead vocals with Monterey-based band Valley Soul. She and Owens first met in 2016, when he opened for the group. While the exact start of their romantic relationship is a little ambiguous—occurring sometime in the last two years—a connection was definitely present. “We learned each others’ songs right off the bat when we started dating,” says Owens, but Gradwohl confesses, “I learned all of [his] songs in my car in 2016.” When the couple started writing music, Owens had noticed a plaque identifying a native green plant surrounding a purple center while walking through a Big Sur resort’s garden. The plant was identified as magenta spreen, prompting him to take note as a potential band name. Uncannily, it was one of Gradwohl’s dear friends who had made the identifier. The couple feel like they always have their biggest fan on stage. For Owens, the best thing about singing with his partner is the sense of comfort. That allows Gradwohl to not only really listen to Owens’ music but also to have an connection to the ethereal sounds, as well. “I feel like I’m pulling from other realms, [but] it really is of this world,” Gradwohl says. “Music comes to me in dreams and whispers of nature.” The duo’s first co-written single, titled “Days Gone By,” is a perfect example. The song came to Gradwohl while sitting under a tree. She shared with Owens. Later, in the new year she went to visit the same tree after writing the song to discover it had fallen. “It was like the tree had given me a bit of its last song or something. It was really delicate and sweet—the way its energy was with me when I sat beneath it.” AVERY CASE Spreen Fling Two veterans of the local music scene release their first single as a duo. By Sloan Campi Talmon Owens and Kristen Rose Gradwohl recently joined in marriage, and as the duo Magenta Spreen. They have released their first singles. Sun - Thurs 12pm– 8pm Fri & Sat 12pm – 8:30pm 720 BROADWAY AVE. SEASIDE Call 831-899-1762 to order DINE IN / TAKEOUT / DELIVERY Great Dough Great Pizza is Thin crust & Sourdough pizzas Salads & Calzones • Pasta • Subs Draft beer on tap • Wine • Dessert Serving handmade pizzas with fresh, quality ingredients At The Oven, we believe Low cost vaccination clinic for dogs & cats. Microchipping. Prescription flea/tick medication. Open Sat 3:30pm-5:30pm • Sun 10am-1pm 101 W. Laurel Dr, Salinas • (831)443-6161 Mon-Sat 9am-6pm Sun 10am-5pm $5 OFF Any purchase of $25 or more $10 OFF Any purchase of $50 or more $20 OFF Any purchase of $100 or more CAnnot be Combined with other offers. Limit 1 Coupon per Customer. not vALid on hAy shAvings, frontLine/AdvAntAge, or seresto CoLLArs. must present Coupon At time of purChAse. Quality feed & pet supplies • DIY dog & cat vaccines • Premium hay at great prices For the ChiCks Chicks Available Now! Why Choose Collier’s? FRESH. LOCAL. TASTY. Fisherman’s Wharf FRESHEST SEAFOOD with PANORAMIC VIEWS Open Daily at 11:30am • At the end of Fisherman’s Wharf #1 www.rockfishmonterey.com • 831.324.4375 LIVE MUSIC Wednesdays 5–7:30pm