28 MONTEREY COUNTY WEEKLY February 8-14, 2024 www.montereycountyweekly.com MUSIC Some people are your go-to for exactly what you need. Need a tree removed? Call a tree guy. Leaky faucet? Call a plumber. Need a musician? Call Zach Westfall. Self-described as a musical improviser, Westfall has been playing bass since he was 14 years old and performs regularly with at least four bands across Monterey County. Now, at 36, he’s moving his musical career forward, guided by an old rule: Never turn down a gig. “I take what I do for a living seriously, and that has to mean that I can play anything,” Westfall explains, marketing himself as an all-styles bass player. “I want to be able to fit in with anyone that wants to hire me.” Westfall’s opportunistic nature when it comes to music led him to be non-prejudicial to genres. But it’s safe to say that his signature is jazz and R&B. Growing up in Pacific Grove, he dreamed of one day playing at the Monterey Jazz Festival—a dream that was realized with a debut in 2018. He also leads a jazz quartet that plays every Sunday at Pearl Hour in Monterey. The group released an album in September 2023 after recording it live at the bar, adding nicely to the groovy soul that Westfall finds appealing about the genre. Westfall sees his role as caretaker of the music and the artists who wrote the pieces he plays. “When I’m playing other people’s music I don’t make it about me,” he says. “I play what the music needs.” His eponymous group that hits jazz standards at Pearl Hour comprises his longtime friend and veteran saxophonist Ben Herod and 25-year-old guitarist Adam Astrup—sometimes combined with other performers who have time. Starting Saturday, Feb. 10, Westfall will begin a residency at Pacific Grove’s Juice and Java, where he is scheduled every other weekend for two months. It’s a chance for Westfall to begin playing with his own music and broaden his artistic horizons. In true jazz improvisation fashion though, Westfall doesn’t have rehearsals or set lists to think about—he’ll go into it with no part written. “Ideally, you want the music to just flow out of you like an open faucet,” he says. “Hopefully it’s the start of another chapter in my artistic life.” Zach Westfall plays every other Saturday at Juice and Java, 599 Lighthouse Ave., Pacific Grove starting Feb. 10. He plays Sunday evenings at Pearl Hour, 214 Lighthouse Ave., Monterey. His album is available on Apple Music, Spotify and at Pearl Hour. DANIEL DREIFUSS Jazzed Up Eclectic bassist Zach Westfall starts the next chapter of his artistic career with a jazz residency. By Sloan Campi “I really love a lot of the musicians here,” Zach Westfall says. “And I love that there are a lot of young people that are going for it.” ♦ 3 Card Poker ♠ Century 21st No Bust Black Jack ♣ Texas Hold’em ♥ Baccarat FULL BAR! BLACKJACK BONUS POINTS PAYS UP TO $20,000 SMALL TOWN BIG PAYOUTS! 1-800-Gambler • Gega-003846, Gega-Gega-003703, Gega-000889 Gega-000891 Gega-002838 The Marina Club Casino ensures the safety and security of all guests and team members at all times, while providing exceptional service. 204 Carmel Ave. Marina 831-384-0925 casinomonterey.com ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ Just minutes from Downtown Monterey Where Monterey Comes To Play ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES Stop By To Shop And Find Your Vintage Treasure OVER 100 DEALERS 21,000 SQUARE FEET The Largest Antiques and Collectibles Mall on the Central Coast 471 WAVE STREET MONTEREY (831) 655-0264 P M canneryrowantiquemall.com Open Daily 11am-6pm ’22 Voted Monterey County's Best Antique Shop