30 MONTEREY COUNTY WEEKLY February 1-7, 2024 www.montereycountyweekly.com FACE TO FACE Would you like to invite Sherlock Holmes to your birthday party? How about Jennifer Lopez for a company meeting or Vladimir Putin for a terrifying Halloween celebration? Dot Findlater is a cheerful Monterey-based expert on lookalikes. Appropriately then, her life has been a wild journey—into the world of the stars, but also geographically. Originally from London, Findlater arrived in Hollywood with her technician husband and her children, working as the road manager for the band Earth, Wind & Fire, one of bestselling music groups of all time. Later, she moved to a manager role, handling both commercial and theatrical talent. Then, Findlater turned to the niche-but-in-demand world of celebrity doubles. She became a casting specialist in casting lookalikes—body doubles, voice-over artists for film and TV, but also for corporate events, weddings and other gatherings. Imagine jet-setting across the globe to Barcelona for a clothing commercial shoot. The actual celebrity Snoop Dogg couldn’t make it, so Findlater located a double. Since 1995, her company Mirror Images has gathered over 1,500 unique lookalike and soundalike artists all over the world. Findlater secured Denzel Washington’s look-and-soundalike for Game Night and Obamas and Clintons for “Lip Sync Battle.” Recently, the Monterey-based company introduced a new department dedicated to drag queens and gay kings. Weekly: You sound so utterly British. Are you still in touch with your country of origin? Findlater: Yes, I’m still very attached to it. I was born in London and my brother still lives there. How did your American adventure start? I started in London. My husband was a repair person for music equipment. In a music store, he heard that Queen was looking for someone for a tour in America. That’s how we got introduced. Then we were hired to tour with Earth, Wind & Fire, he as a technician, me as a manager Wow. We were in our late 20s, early 30s. Our kids would travel with us. That’s how we ended up in Hollywood. Then I became a manager and started working with talents. That led to Mirror Images, my company that specializes in celebrity doubles. Why lookalikes? There was a lack of good lookalikes and the demand had been increasing. They are professional actors, who are not appreciated for their talent. So I decided to create an agency for them. The company raised standards in this industry. How many lookalikes are out there? Many. But finding a good one is difficult, because some acting skills are needed. The voice is another important element. It’s also about sounding and moving like that celebrity—the whole persona. You’ve been in Hollywood for many years. What brought you to Monterey County? After living in Los Angeles, I used to live in Mountain View. I moved to Monterey during the pandemic. It’s my home now. And since then you became an integral part of the community, it seems. Yes. I’m a member of the board of the Monterey County Film Commission and I continue to add to my roster of talent. Oh? I have a good Brad Pitt and a good Clint Eastwood. Can you potentially arrange for a meeting with one of them if someone would like to be seen with a celebrity? Absolutely. I have been in the entertainment industry for 28 years. Let’s talk about your current company, Mirror Images. If you are looking for unique talent, we have got you covered. We have film celebrities lookalikes, from Elvis through Captain Jack Sparrow to Angelina Jolie. Historical figures lookalikes, such as Andy Warhol or Jackie Onassis. What about sports celebrities? Naturally. We also have the royals, Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth. We have show hosts such as Joan Rivers or Oprah Winfrey. We also have tribute bands and voice-over talents for commercials, audiobooks or corporate events. We offer various accents, from Scottish to East Indian. To learn more about Mirror Images, visit mirrorimages.co. Double Play Dot Findlater is the person to turn to when a celebrity lookalike is needed. By Agata Pop˛eda Dot Findlater is not an actor herself, but finds actors who resemble recognizable celebrities. During the pandemic, she and her business relocated to Monterey. DANIEL DREIFUSS Ivy Ivy is a big, beautiful, confident tuxedo with striking green eyes. We mean really green! This 11-year-old friendly sweetheart is a longhaired girl who needs an adorer, uh, adopter that is familiar with keeping long haired cats brushed, or able to take Ivy to the groomer if needed. Check out Ivy’s gorgeous green eyes at www.gocatrescue.org, and while there fill out an adoption application to make this beauty yours. 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