Thursday, Feb. 1 Painting Magic A lot of visual artists depict that which they can see. Carmel painter Elizabeth Wrightman prefers to work in the world of the unseen, portraying images from Celtic mythology (look for dragons, fairies, white stages) and fictional literature. She’s a master of the subject matter of the world of the unseen (she is also a Christian minister) and a master of her craft. She presents her work and talks about the religious and cultural backstory to her work in conversation with the Weekly’s Agata Pope˛da at this installation of Mic’d Up At The Press Club, and answers audience questions. Prepare for an immersion into art and mythology. [SR] 12:30-1:30pm Thursday, Feb 1. The Creperie Cafe at The Press Club, 1123 Fremont Blvd., Seaside. Free. 394-5656, mcweekly.com/pressclub. Sticky Note Why haven’t the original artists thought of this? Oh, maybe they have, but we doubt they’ve ever tried to pull it off. What the hell are we jabbering about? A band, live on stage, playing one album, cut for cut, note for note—no riffs, ands or buts. Sounds great, right? Well, the group Classic Albums Live pulls it off. The versatile touring group, now in its 20th year, is currently traveling the U.S. and Canada playing Who’s Next (The Who), Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd), News of the World (Queen) and—fortunately for us—the Rolling Stones classic (aren’t they all) Sticky Fingers. From “Brown Sugar” to “Bitch,” “Sister Morphine,” the country-hued “Dead Flowers” and the rest, Classic Albums Live will play Sticky Fingers as recorded in the studio, but live on stage at Sunset Center. They are not a cover band. There is no effort to mimic the look or antics of Mick, Keith and the boys. They play the notes and sing the lyrics. As group founder Craig Martin has said, “Think of it as a recital.” We think of it as pretty cool. [DF] 7:30pm Thursday, Feb. 1. Sunset Center, San Carlos and 9th, Carmel. $40-$65. 620-2048, sunsetcenter.org. 24 MONTEREY COUNTY WEEKLY february 1-7, 2024 www.montereycountyweekly.com Franz Bischoff What did artists see when they looked at the Monterey Bay area a century ago? In many cases, scenes that are quite similar to today. The Old Monterey Foundation hosts a free lecture inviting guests to wind back the clock 100 years to learn about artists like Granville Redmond, Charles Rollo Peters and Franz Bischoff (whose 1925 painting, “A Lonely Headland, Point Lobos,” is shown above). Dr. Cynthia Wagner Weick and artist Joaquin Turner present on 22 artists and sign copies of their book, Preserving Nature: A Field Guide to the Art and Arts of the Monterey Bay, with a talk from 6-7pm and a book signing/reception from 7-8pm on Thursday, Feb. 1 in the Irvine Auditorium at 499 Pierce St., Monterey. [SR] 1-7 february HOT PICKS To see more local events, and add your own, visit calendar.montereycountyweekly.com Franz Bischoff, A Lonely Headland, Point Lobos, c. 1925; Private Collection Courtesy of Center for Photographic Art VISUALS Roman Loranc “Tree of Life” is the title of the above piece by Roman Loranc from the exhibit Radiant Light at the Center for Photographic Art in Carmel, on display until March 3. Loranc is a Polish-born artist who settled in California in 1984. The new photographs featured in Radiant Light align with Loranc’s personal aesthetic and offer a fresh experience for collectors of Loranc’s silver gelatin prints. As of Jan. 1, 2024, Loranc is no longer printing photographs, so there will be a very limited inventory of prints. [AP] Classic Albums Live is the fitting name of the band that delivers what they promise—beloved favorites the audience knows by heart. They’ve been perfecting their show over 20 years of touring. Kathryn Sisler Artist Elizabeth Wrightman is not just a painter but also a minister and a scholar of Celtic stories, which appear in her work. Meet her at The Press Club on Thursday, Feb. 1. daniel dreifuss