26 MONTEREY COUNTY WEEKLY JANUARY 25-31, 2024 www.montereycountyweekly.com health & fitness For example, a sleep apnea test kit comes with two belts, a nasal cannula to monitor breathing and a pulse oximeter to measure oxygen levels. There are cables to connect those devices to a recorder. At bedtime, the oximeter goes on a patient’s index finger, the cannula is affixed to their face and the belt around their chest. Next, it’s time to go to sleep and let the data come in. If patients conduct their sleep study at the center, “we always recommend that if they have a favorite pillow to bring that, as well as a favorite blanket,” says Jesus Cazares, a supervisor at the CHOMP Sleep Disorders Center. Cazares notes a home study provides a more comfortable environment for sleeping, but one at the center provides more detailed information including monitoring the stages of sleep from light to deep and REM sleep (the stage of sleep where people have dreams). There, the team can also conduct other analyses including for narcolepsy (a sleep disorder that causes drowsiness during the day) and sleep-related breathing disorders. Some patients get a diagnosis of a sleep disorder that can be treated by changing sleep habits, medication, surgery or wearing a device. (In case of sleep apnea, a continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP device is often prescribed.) Some habits can contribute to good sleep for everyone, whether or not you struggle with sleep. Kanak recommends things like minimizing light exposure (including TV and phone screens); using the bedroom for sleep and sex only; and avoiding caffeine, alcohol and nicotine at night. Kanak notes that good sleepers can break all these rules and still sleep well. “It’s not something everybody needs to do compulsively, but more so when you have trouble falling asleep at night,” he says. Exercising and eating a light dinner are two other factors that experts say aid a better night’s sleep. For people who can’t sleep their seven hours at night (because of work, for example), Kanak recommends taking a one- to two-hour nap in the afternoon. (Recommended nightly sleep by age, shown in the chart on p. 26, take into account daytime napping for younger age groups.) Of course, doctors can give advice, but they run up against culture. “The most common sleep problem in America is people, through their own choices, burning the candle at both ends,” Kanak says. “[They] just frequently don’t get enough sleep.” “sleep is not an inactive phenomenon.” At-home sleep test kits mean patients are sleeping in the comfort of their own bed and usual environment, even though they provide less detailed data than in the lab. This at-home sleep apnea kit tracks things like oxygen levels and breathing during sleep. DANIEL DREIFUSS TRASHION ALLIANCE ON AGING KING CITY 2024 SHOW Tickets now on sale! Runway Seat: $100.00 Regular Seat: $90.00 Tables of 8 available Join us for an evening of glamour, innovation, sustainable fashion, and dinner at the Orradre Building, Salinas Valley Fairgrounds 625 Division St, King City, CA. Thursday, February 22nd, 5:30 PM Be part of the runway revolution! To purchase tickets, email Nicki Pasculli at Npasculli@allianceonaging.org or call 831.655.7564. A Fundraiser to Benefit Seniors Throughout Monterey County GARDEN PARTY SOUTH COUNTY Styl Pacific Grove Hardware 229 Forest Avenue • 646-9144 Locally Owned and Operated BEST Hardware Store THANKS FOR YOUR VOTES! Your Hometown Hardware Store ’09-’23 take $5 OFF ANY $25 or more regular items With this ad. Exp 2/29/24 One discount per transaction We’re Open! Mon-Sun 8am-5pm cm_crockett@sbcglobal.net 1364 Fremont Blvd, Seaside Sponsored by the A Talk by Saturday February 3 2 - 4 pm Free admission Doors open 1:30 pm Sharat G. Lin, PhD tinyurl.com/Sharat-G-Lin-2-3-24 Reserve a seat on Eventbrite at Peace Coalition of Monterey County or phone (831) 899-7322 Monterey Peace and Justice Center