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around town it’s open, the place is packed with people working on their laptops, doing their homework, searching the aisles for a good read, and the occasional disheveled journalist sifting through files and texts in the California History Room, which is arguably the library’s greatest treasure. The library has everything: kid’s books, a vast collection of fiction and nonfiction, internet access, great resources for research and, despite how many people are there, peace and quiet. BEST HANGOUT FOR TEENS Del Monte Shopping Center 1410 Del Monte Center, Monterey (831) 373-2705, Where else would teens spend a day with friends, the Palace Flophouse? Not a good idea. Instead, they gather at Del Monte Shopping Center. Why? Chipotle, J.Jill, the Apple Store, pizza, ice cream, clothing stores, a multiscreen theater playing the must-see movies, the math learning center…just wanted to see if you were still paying attention. But there is a math learning center, as well as dozens of shops, restaurants, even a gym. That’s a lot to Instagram. BEST HANGOUT FOR SENIORS Carmel Foundation Corner of 8th and Lincoln, Carmel (831) 624-1588, John Steinbeck died at the age of 66, which means he didn’t get to experience the fruits of the golden years that seniors enjoy today. No better place to enjoy oneself toward the end of life’s “back-9” than at the Carmel Foundation. Surrounding oneself with contemporaries and having a full schedule has been shown to prolong life, and the staff here pack it in. From movie nights to field trips to classes, members will always stay engaged. For those needing advanced care, the Carmel Foundation offers services including medical, meal delivery and other in-home support services. BEST SENIOR LIVING COMMUNITY Canterbury Woods 651 Sinex Ave., Pacific Grove (831) 373-3111, This is the third year in a row that Canterbury Woods has been voted readers’ favorite senior living community. It’s not a surprise to the staff and residents of Canterbury Woods, where some of today’s residents are the children of past residents and staff members remain working there for decades, says Executive Director Elvyra Abare. Children of employees have been known to follow in their parents’ footsteps and come to work at Canterbury Woods themselves as adults. “The reputation of Canterbury Woods is really what it’s all about,” Abare says. Part of that reputation includes staff listening and working collaboratively with residents. Residents feel like contributing members of the community “and their voice will be heard,” Abare adds. There’s a robust residents’ council supported by a variety of committees that keep residents engaged and happy to live in a supportive community. 26 BEST OF MONTEREY COUNTY® 2023 Thank you, KRML listeners, and MC Weekly readers, for voting Jeff White as the Best DJ in Monterey County. The LoCaLs’ Radio sTaTion foR The MonTeRey Bay