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14 BEST OF MONTEREY COUNTY® 2023 around town White’s delivery is not from on high, but as a friend. He’s conversational—a DJ of the people—George would have been listening in the bunkhouse. You can also find him every Wednesday evening indulging fresh brewed hops at one of the now four Alvarado Street Brewing pubs during the eponymous talk show “Pub Talk,” featuring voices from the community. Best School CSu Monterey Bay 5108 Fourth Ave., Marina (831) 582-3000, In Steinbeck’s Monterey County, soldiers were a constant presence; a couple of them have a cameo in Cannery Row. But Fort Ord was decommissioned, and in a perfect swords-into-plowshares evolution, in its place came CSU Monterey Bay. The university is often recognized for its service to the area. In fact, it’s a graduation requirement that students get involved in community projects, exploring subjects like social justice, social responsibility and diversity. This year, CSUMB climbed 224 places in Forbes’ college rankings, and now ranks 119th for affordability and student advancement. Best K-12 Teacher Imogen Erickson Pacific Grove High School 615 Sunset Drive, Pacific Grove (831) 646-6590, John Steinbeck made pozole with a can of chili and a can of hominy. Thank God he was a writer and not a chef. But his talents would certainly have improved if Imogen Erickson—a chef and culinary arts teacher at Pacific Grove High School—had given Best Place For A Birthday Party | MY Museum