CONTENTS Lifestyle is a difficult word to measure. It implies a manner in which we conduct ourselves before others, yet that is never a single act. We decorate—literally or figuratively—all aspects of our lives. Where we chose to dine and what we order, the vehicle we drive, how we maintain our homes, even the hobbies we adopt say something about who we are, or perhaps how we wish to be seen. The term can be easily misunderstood, even mocked. Henry David Thoreau once dismissed fashion trends by quipping, “the head monkey at Paris puts on a traveller’s hat, and all the monkeys in America do the same.” Billy Graham once decried conspicuous consumption as “self-centered indulgence” that had come to represent “the American lifestyle.” But lifestyle does not deserve such a spirited response. The act of educating others, for example, is both noble and a lifestyle. Entertaining friends and family with drinks and dinner is hardly selfcentered. Rather, it’s a shared pleasure. Haven takes its name from a Gilded Age concept of home as a haven from a heartless world. In our definition, lifestyle involves the activities, the decor, the dress and anything else that becomes a haven. It’s a big word, and one that can readily evolve. Caviar, for instance, was often considered a celebratory dish—and presented as such, with due tradition and formality. Lately, however, it has become an everyday indulgence, something to serve with potato chips on a casual evening. Fine wine carries some of the same trappings. But for some who put in a small vineyard and produce their own private label, it’s a fun way to treat friends, without the expectation of a famous chateau. In Haven, we touch on a few themes in the hopes that a small selection may generate many ideas. -Dave Faries 14 THE OPEN KITCHEN IS TRENDING 18 THE OUTSIDE IS IN 22 TOURING WITH A DREAM CAR 26 THE GAVEL PRICE 28 FROM VINE TO TABLE 32 CALIFORNIA’S CAVIAR REVOLUTION Cover Photo courtesy of Monterey Touring Vehicles. The 1955 Ford Thunderbird is fitting for the iconic scenery of Big Sur. Founder & CEO Bradley Zeve Publisher Erik Cushman Project Editor Dave Faries Editor Sara Rubin Art Director/Production Manager Karen Loutzenheiser Contributing Writers Caitlin Fillmore, Jeff Mendelsohn Staff Photographer Daniel Dreifuss Graphic Designers Alexis Estrada, Lani Headley, Kevin Jewell Advertising Keith Bruecker, Diane Glim, George Kassal Business Development Director Keely Richter The Best of Monterey Bay® is published by Milestone Communications, Inc., a California corporation. The entire contents are copyright 2023. No portion may be reproduced. 831-394-5656. www.mcweekly.com. DANIEL DREIFUSS 12 THE BEST OF MONTEREY BAY ® HAVEN 2023-2024 News Arts Culture Food and More SIGN UP TODAY: mcweekly.com/signup DISCOVER MONTEREY COUNTY NOW Local news and lively commentary delivered to your inbox. Subscribe to Monterey County NOW and get it DAILY. Local MCNOW_1-3v_haven23_kpr.indd 1 8/4/23 9:26 AM 12_haven23.indd 1 8/4/23 9:28 AM