Family Guide 2023-2024

“Hello Muddah, hello Fadduh.” Thus began humorist Allan Sherman’s song laying out a sardonic letter from a boy huddling in the rain at fictional Camp Granada. For many children, organized activities—including camps—mark the passage of summer. And fortunately none are as dire as that described in Sherman’s hit. There are many local opportunities to engage students over the summer break. There is an ocean and shoreline to explore, with expertise available from the Monterey Bay Aquarium and other organizations. There are programs that improve leadership skills and hands-on courses that build on a student’s interest in robotics—activities that will prove beneficial into a child’s future. And always there are individual and team sports, from camps to traveling teams. The effort put in over the summer has helped a number of local kids on to college and even professional ranks. Of course, many parents struggle over how hard—or even whether—to push their children. All in all, summer is a time when many things are possible. As Sherman sang after all the woe, “Wait a minute / It stopped raining / Guys are swimming / Guys are sailing / Playing baseball / Gee, that’s better.” We hope this guide gives some ideas toward a better, more enjoyable and productive time. -Dave Faries CONTENTS 8 OCEAN SPRAY 14 ARTS FOR ALL 18 PLAYING TIME 22 LEAD THE WAY 26 AVOID THE SKILL CHILL 30 SUMMER ACTIVITIES LISTINGS Founder & CEO Bradley Zeve Publisher Erik Cushman Project Editor Dave Faries Editor Sara Rubin Art Director/Production Manager Karen Loutzenheiser Contributing Writers Kera Abraham, Caitlin Fillmore, Celia Jiménez, Jeff Mendelsohn Copy Editors Tajha Chappellet-Lanier, Kyarra Harris, Pam Marino, Rey Mashayekhi, Agata Popeda, David Schmalz Photographers Daniel Dreifuss, Celia Jiménez Graphic Designers Alexis Estrada, Lani Headley, Kevin Jewell Advertising Keith Bruecker, Diane Glim, George Kassal Business Development Director Keely Richter Cover Photo Camp SEA Lab The Best of Monterey Bay® is published by Milestone Communications, Inc., a California corporation. The entire contents are copyright 2023. No portion may be reproduced. 831-394-5656. 6 The Best of Monterey Bay® Family 2023-2024 SIGN UP TODAY: DAILY NEWS FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS Arts Culture Food News and More DELIVERED TO YOUR INBOX DAILY MCNOW_1-3v_fam23_kpr.indd 1 4/12/23 4:06 PM