Family Guide 2023-2024

in-demand soft skills, The Lyceum teaches participants how to research and think critically in an effort to build lifelong learners and engaged citizens, Breckenridge says. The Lyceum and White Stag approach similar ideas through radically different programs. While The Lyceum encourages building leadership skills through academic research and discussions held in classroom environments, White Stag teaches these same skills—but in a setting under the stars. Students enrolled in White Stag collaborate in challenging outdoor environments, like the wilderness of the Los Padres National Forest. This long-running summer camp combines practical outdoor skills, like building a fire and tying knots, with leadership competencies like understanding the needs of a group and identifying your available resources. Steve Cardinalli attended White Stag 45 years ago and has not missed a summer of camp since. Cardinalli now serves as the president of the nonprofit White Stag Leadership Development Academy. White Stag is a sponsored program of the Boy Scouts of America, meaning for decades, the group convened at the Pico Blanco scout camp at Bottcher’s Gap in Big Sur; it now meets at Piney Creek Camp in Carmel Valley. “I worked out problem solving with other kids my own age,” Cardinalli says. “The program provided and the leadership skills we were learning…It changed me.” When campers arrive at White Stag, they should be prepared for a week of technology-free time with peers in the outdoors. Campers, called “candidates,” sleep outdoors in tents and carry everything they need in their own backpacks. Adults provide guidance and over24 THE BEST OF MONTEREY BAY® FAMILY 2023-2024 or 831-372-6098 Lyceum Summer Camps June 10 - July 26, 2019 June 12 – July 31, 2023 Space Adventure Camp Lego Robotics Programming Digital Photo Camp Collage Art Camp lyceum_1-3s_FG23_gk.indd 1 4/13/23 12:09 PM THE MONTEREY PENINSULA’S MOST RECOMMENDED PIZZERIA ’98-’22 BEST PIZZA 3 BLOCKS UP FROM CANNERY ROW/AQUARIUM AFFORDABLE FAMILY DINING Pizza • Pasta • Ravioli • Calzones • Salads Great Italian Sandwiches Gelato • Delicious Desserts BANQUET ROOM • FULL COCKTAIL BAR OPEN MON-THUR 4PM • FRI 3PM • SAT & SUN 12PM Call ahead for take-out service 649-1500 725 Lighthouse Avenue Monterey Gianni’s Pizza Family Owned & Operated Since 1974 ’15 BEST FAMILY RESTAURANT ’17 BEST PLACE FOR A BIRTHDAY PARTY Gianni's_1-3s_ED23_dg.indd 1 4/13/23 11:33 AM