Family Guide 2023-2024

Making a candle takes about 30 minutes of active time and 90 minutes of downtime while the wax hardens. During that waiting period, workshop participants can enjoy the games and entertainment provided by Locally Lit, or walk around downtown Monterey. A kids’ candle-making experience costs $25; adult workshops run $20- $80, based on vessel size and available add-ons like complimentary drinks or merchandise. In the DIY arts and crafts world, Progress Not Perfection Paint Parties is a relative veteran, teaching hands-on art workshops throughout the Monterey Peninsula since 2015. Owner Jessica Ansberry transitioned to mobile paint parties during the pandemic. Her website’s bustling event calendar provides the details on upcoming parties at local hotels, restaurants, and tasting rooms. Parties cost $40 to $70, and last two hours. Ansberry designs all of her own projects and prioritizes artworks with simple instructions that a crowd of up to 150 people of all ages can follow. While her parties can be huge, she says the experience keeps things feeling intimate and special. Every event has a planned project, often featuring botanical themes and seascapes. But Ansberry welcomes freedom of interpretation with her designs. “Some people change the colors, change the subject…it doesn’t matter to me,” observes Ansberry. “I love a rogue painter. No matter your experience level or your age you can do it.” Ansberry, Foster and Chapman all agree that making your own art is an empowering experience. All three business owners are self-taught artists passionate about sharing their creative spark with others. “There’s something exciting about doing something that makes you nervous,” Ansberry says. “At the end you’ll be surprised about how much fun you had.” And besides fun, you end the experiene with a piece of original art. WWW.MONTEREYCOUNTYWEEKLY.COM 17 425 Washington Street Located in Downtown Monterey, CA the Best Children’s Museum on the Central Coast Come and enjoy the fun! DISCOVER... EXPLORE... PLAY... 831.649.6444 MyMuseum_1-3s_FG23_EC.indd 1 4/13/23 9:48 AM Youth Arts Collective Accepting new members! Do you want to be part of a vibrant, year-round art collective for high school and college age artists? studio, supplies, exhibits, artist mentors Check out our website and blog: Email us for more information! “Do art. Be kind.” Youth Arts Collective • (YAC) 472 Calle Principal, Monterey, CA 93940 • (831) 375-9922 YAC_1-3s_fam23_gk.indd 1 4/13/23 10:01 AM