Family Guide 2023-2024

VENTANA WILDLIFE SOCIETY programming,” says Liese Murphree, director of education and outreach. “Our junior naturalists and junior conservationsists learn about seals and help community scientists scout for seal pups. Campers in the Discover Community Science camp will collect data on sandy shore and rocky shore animals.” That’s not even a comprehensive list—more coastal adventures abound. To name a few: The Monterey Bay Aquarium (648-4800, is restarting its free Ocean Learning Adventures day camp for teens (see sidebar, p. 10). The Elkhorn Slough Foundation (728-5939, provides educator programming and field trips for students from kindergarten through college. And the Monterey Yacht Club (372-9686, has programs for junior sailors, including summer sessions. Am I jealous that Monterey County kids get summer opportunities like this? Nah—it all builds character. When they’re my age, they can say they used to kayak a mile from camp and back. Against the current both ways. Over 85 percent of Ventana Wildlife Society’s programs are provided free, thanks to grant funds. 12 THE BEST OF MONTEREY BAY® FAMILY 2023-2024 29 SURF RENTALS PROUDLY SERVING OUR COMMUNITY SINCE 1986 Alexa Sorensen - Age 7 OTB_2-3v_VG22_gk.indd 1 6/23/22 10:27 AM