special advertising Section Abalonetti Marty Special This restaurant on Fisherman’s Wharf specializes in Monterey Bay Calamari and offers almost a dozen variations on this classic. Try the Marty Special featuring flash fried calamari filets over fried eggplant with marinara, parmesan and mozzarella. 57 Fisherman’s Wharf, Monterey, (831) 373-1851, Bayonet & Black Horse The Smokin Willie Burger Whether or not you’ve just played 18 holes, show up hungry to the Bayonet Grill and order a Smokin’ Willie Burger for eight ounces of ground beef topped with smoked cheddar, bacon, tomato, chipotle aioli, avocado and lettuce. Served with a side of beer battered fries. 1 McClure Way, Seaside, (831) 899-7271 Beach House PG Lovers Point Beach Seafood Pasta Fresh linguini is served with a great mix of fresh seafood atop it. The fresh salmon, scallops, clams and grilled prawns are cooked in a tomato-caper sauce sure to please. Enjoy as you dine overlooking Lovers Point Beach. 620 Ocean View Blvd, Pacific Grove, (831) 375-2345, Beefy Boys Original Beef Jerky Sourcing beef from no more than 120 miles from their facility in Salinas, Beefy Boys takes top-quality beef through a slow, methodical process, and creates the finest local jerky available. Hand crafted and sold in many local supermarkets and corner stores, the taste of Monterey county’s best jerky is widely available. You can also purchase it online. Benihana Splash and Meadow Your personal chef performs the ancient Japanese art of teppanyaki in an elegant dining room, preparing a meal that will dazzle your eyes and taste buds. Tender slices of steak and colossal shrimp are grilled at your own teppan table and served with onion soup (made daily), salad, shrimp appetizer, hibachi vegetables, dipping sauces, steamed rice, Japanese green tea and ice cream or sherbert. 136 Olivier St, Monterey, (831) 644-9007, Britannia Arms Fish & Chips Locals and visitors alike flock to the Britannia Arms for good drinks, friendly atmosphere, classic British and American meals, karaoke, happy hour, and all English Premier League and international soccer matches. Follow the locals’ lead by ordering up the Britannia Arms Fish & Chips, featuring fresh cod lightly dipped in light housemade beer batter and deep fried golden brown. Served with chips or coleslaw. 444 Alvarado St, Monterey, (831) 656-9543, Butter House Adobo Pork Belly Fried Rice Rice fried in - as the name of the restaurant almost demands - butter with soy sauce, bell peppers, garlic, onions, and pieces of adobo pork belly is then served with two eggs on top. Amid a rich family-friendly menu, this dish is a true highlight. 1760 Fremont Blvd Suite B-1, Seaside, (831) 394-2887, C restaurant + bar Sonoma Duck Breast The delicious Sonoma Duck Breast featured on Executive Chef Matt Bolton’s 42 The Best of Monterey Bay ® EAT + DRINK 2023-2024 Benihana Signature Dishes Nik Blaskovich