14 MONTEREY COUNTY WEEKLY october 19-25, 2023 www.montereycountyweekly.com Water Works I’m happy with Cal Am (“MPWMD board votes to initiate eminent domain proceedings to buy out Cal Am’s local system,” Oct. 12-18). Keep government out of our water system! Gini Auger | via email In 2013, George Riley and Ron Cohen got tired of talking about water problems and decided to act. They founded Public Water Now and drafted Measure O. It failed in 2014, but Public Water Now continued educating the public. It took 10 years and the work of hundreds of volunteers to bring us to the Resolution of Necessity that was passed by MPWMD [on Oct. 10]. This is a huge victory for Public Water Now and the whole community that voted for Measure J. Melodie Chrislock |Carmel Note: Chrislock is managing director of Public Water Now. In General Thank you for your insightful piece on General Stilwell and his legacy with the Middlebury Institute of International Studies and the people of China (“Joseph Stilwell was at home in both Carmel and in China. Now he is a catalyst in a new type of diplomacy,” Oct. 12-18). My mother was a contemporary and good friend of [his daughter] Alison Stilwell’s. How great to see that his grandchildren have maintained connections with China and student beneficiaries of the scholarships at MIIS! Thanks for your research and reporting. Bravo and keep this great journalism coming. Bill Monning | Carmel Thank you very much for this article. I have lived in the area for 44 years and therefore I remember when Stilwell Hall had to be removed—at that time, the mural was mentioned. I am touched by General Stilwell’s life and his way of thinking. I am impressed by the fact that through the Stilwell Scholarship his memory and goodwill are still here on the Monterey Peninsula. Claudine Benigni | Carmel Valley A couple of omissions from your article: China has led the way in murder by government from Mao’s Cultural Revolution, through Tiananmen Square, to the current murder and torture of Uyghurs, Falun Gong practitioners, as well as any other handy dissidents. As per Stilwell procuring armament for China in World War II, much of that was held back from use against the Japanese, both by Mao and “Peanut,” for their own civil war. U.S. aid to China was used to kill American, South Korean, and other UN troops in the Korean War. Richard Hellam | Seaside War Time I’m deeply appreciative of Bill Taylor’s service to our country and foreign policy expertise (“Bill Taylor, twice the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, is now focused on making sure it wins its war,” Oct. 5-11). It’s too bad the Monterey County Weekly didn’t take the opportunity to get a fuller sense of his vision for “winning” the UkraineRussia war. For instance: -Taylor described his enthusiasm for Ukraine to “hammer” Russia on our behalf for the low cost of 5 percent of the DOD budget (>$75 billion dollars). What’s the right amount of money to spend on an overseas war that Barack Obama described in 2016 as “not a core American interest?” -Taylor is on the record arguing that Ukraine should be admitted into NATO. What would it look like to “win” a war between nuclear powers? -Taylor served in the State Department Afghanistan in 2002 and Iraq in 2004 in leadership positions to support international aid and reconstruction efforts. What lessons learned, if any, can those experiences bring to bear on our involvement in Ukraine? Having read this article, I’m not clear on Taylor’s vision for peace. On such a serious issue, I’d like to see the Weekly do more than check the “vibe” in Kyiv. Reid Norris | Carmel Valley Where is the ceasefire and resultant peace talks? Nobody is moving in that direction. Why not? Why is the entire world watching innocent people get killed and a country destroyed? Peace now. Start peace negotiations. Jim Catalano | via social media On the heels of Congressman Jimmy Panetta’s statement on Indigenous People’s Day, it is notable the cognitive dissonance present in his acknowledgment of settler-colonial violence wrought by the United States, and yet he adamantly stands by Israel’s all-out war on Palestinian people (“Panetta and a congressional delegation meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu soon after Hamas attacks,” posted Oct. 12). For the past 75 years and into the present, the Palestinian people have withstood military occupation and the genocidal regime of Israel. It must be understood that colonization is the first violence to occur which makes the violence of liberation absolutely necessary. We must refuse to amplify propaganda and misinformation from Western imperial powers. I urge everyone to resist quick judgments and instead look at the larger historical context of what is one of the most important social justice issues of our time. Kayla Jones | via email Time to Fly Everything in the article on the airport is true, and it would be a boon to the area’s economy (“Grants bring Monterey Regional Airport one step closer to a new runway and terminal,” Oct. 12-18). The question I have is do we, as a community, want this to become like San Jose? With the increased traffic on our roads, it will necessitate widening to accommodate increased flow. Edward Nowak | via email To the wall Hooray for public art! (“We.Art, now the We.Mural festival, returns with new curators and an art battle,” Oct. 12-18.) Tanja Roos | Seaside Mix It Up This is such exciting news (“Montrio’s new mixologist plans to continue in the spirit of the past, while looking ahead,” posted Oct. 10). 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